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Artist Creates Awesome Weapon Sculptures Using Post-It Notes!

Yes, you read that right: Post-It notes!


Just when you think you’ve already seen all the creative stuff that people can come up with, guys like Marco Ercoli suddenly pop up to amaze you all over again.

An artist from Italy, Marco has created awesome life-size sculptures of weapons such as a gun, a grenade, and a sword. At one point, he even crafted a car.

What makes him special compared with other sculptors? Well, his choice of medium, probably. Because he uses Post-It notes.

Yep, you read that right the first time.

Marco makes his masterpieces using those little sticky office supplies – and his creations are quite catchy not only because they’re extremely colorful but also because they’re well-crafted.

Go scroll down and check out his stuff:

#1. The Daily Samurai (2014)

post it weapons 1

Source: Marco Ercoli
#2. I Love Ammerica (2014)

post it weapons 2

Source: Marco Ercoli
#3. Bomba non Bomba (2015)

post it weapons 4

Source: Marco Ercoli
#4. The Sheep Stand Far From The Rainbow (2015)

post it weapons 3

Source: Marco Ercoli

I couldn’t help but wonder how long it took him to finish each piece. I’m guessing crafting these things can be time-consuming. His attention to detail is most impressive.

Marco’s Post-It creations have received a lot of online attention recently as they got featured on popular websites such as Boing Boing, ComicBook, Nerd Approved, Netorama, and Creative Boom, among many others.

Aside from Post-It sculpting, Marco also does paintings and his stuff is plainly phenomenal. You can go straight to his official website if you want to see more of his work.

H/T: Nerd Approved


Teenage Girl Uses Real-Life Objects With Her Drawings And They Look Amazing!

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Kristina Webb is not your typical artist who loves to work with color pencils. What’s unique about her style is that she uses everyday items lying around the house and incorporates them to her color pencil drawings.

What’s outstanding about her work? The 20-year-old New Zealand-born illustrator became an Instagram sensation when she started posting her drawings to her account in 2012.


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12 Reasons Why I Love Her: A Cute (And Sarcastic) Illustration Of What Boys Really Think

This is so cute!

Men are from Mars. Women are from Venus. No matter how much both genders try to understand each other, they never seem to decipher each other's oddities.

Nonetheless, imperfect men and women find a way to connect perfectly. We guess real love is not about sticking despite the negatives, it is about accepting those negatives for the sake of the person we love.

Below is a cute and funny illustration of what boys think (and truly love) about their girls, who seem a little too naive at times.

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Can You Find The 6 Words Hidden in This Picture?

These fun and brain teasing visual puzzles are what you need today.

Visual puzzles are fun and engaging but they are quite challenging as well. We can figure out some in a breeze but others can be brain teasing indeed, it will take you a while to get one right (or sometimes, not at all).

Meanwhile, a new game is making its way to our list of favorite visual puzzles. No panda or cat is involved this time around though. The challenge is to find the "6 words hidden in the picture." Using optical illusion, an image is created to confuse our minds and eyes with this interesting piece.

Are you ready to try it? It's absolutely fun!

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