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This Poor Kid Badly Wanted Another Boy’s New Shoes. What He Did? He Instantly Regret It.





Are there moments in your life when you look at your neighbor’s new car or LED TV, you dream of having the same things too or wish to be like them, wealthy and living a luxurious life? Or you desire to be someone like your office mate who has just been promoted? Guilty? Me too! In fact, there are times that I would do everything that I can, which include destroying relationships that ought to matter to me, just to be like someone .

We definitely live in a world where there are a lot of differences, may it be skills and talents or material things. And it is quite inevitable not to become envious with someone who has more than what you have. We are fond of comparing ourselves to others. That is normal especially nowadays where social media becomes very prevalent. You can easily find out your friend’s new house, gadgets, and what they have become. Somehow, you feel jealous about it. I guess, there is nothing wrong if you feel that way. Just be yourself and believe in yourself. Have faith and live a happy life, imperfect as it may be. No matter what we do, we will never be satisfied with what we have and we will always crave for more. But up to what extent are you willing to go to get what you want?

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