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This Tiny Island Paradise in the Middle of Nowhere is Looking for People to Move In

Pitcairn is one of the safest remote islands in the world.

Emily is one of the eight children on the island.


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Two teens will soon leave and go to middle school in New Zealand.


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Everyone knows everybody's name and heritage in Pitcairn.


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Everybody attends each other's birthday parties—literally.


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By 2020, approximately 80% of their population will be over 65 years of age.


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Thrill-Seekers Can Now Doze in Sleeping Capsules that Hang 400 Ft Above a Sacred Valley in Peru

Would you dare sleep in these capsules?


Are you bold enough to try sleeping in Skylodge’s transparent luxury capsule?

Although the idea of dozing in transparent pods hanging 400 feet above the ground seems scary, the opportunity to see an impressive 300-degree view of the spectacular Sacred Valley of Cuzco in Peru is inviting enough.

In order to sleep in this one-of-a-kind hotel, travelers must fearlessly climb a 400-foot steel ladder or hike using a zip-wire.

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Traveler Spent 14 Months in 42 Countries and Danced With Thousands Of People

What better way to document your travels than to take a video of yourself dancing with the locals?

Traveling around the world is one of the most fruitful life goals anyone can have. More than being a tourist, who aims to see beautiful sights, one can truly have a rich experience when he/ she decides to become a true blue traveler, who interacts with the locals and indulges in the country's culture.

In this video we found, Matt Harding traveled to 42 countries in 14 months and danced with thousands of locals as captured on tape. We can really tell that he had the time of his life and it is really inspiring to see an individual truly live and have fun. It is not about the dance, it is about the number of places he had been and the thousands of people he had interacted with that truly matter.

Watch the video here:

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Internet Searches for Unnamed Couple Who Got Engaged at Eiffel Tower

Captured on camera – a young man proposing to a girl. The couple’s identity, however, still remains a mystery to this day.

Jen Hurb Bohn, a woman from California, was spending a vacation in Paris with her husband. Little did she know that she’d capture a tender moment between a young couple while they were at the Eiffel Tower – the guy was proposing to the girl.

While Jen and her husband where at the famed tourist spot, the unnamed man suddenly popped the 4-word question to his girl.

In an interview, Jen admitted she actually felt hesitant about the idea of taking a photo. Besides, she “thought it was weird.” Also, she could hear her husband “whistling” for her.

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