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Photographer Tries To Uncover Lost Worlds Underneath Earth and Its Pretty Amazing!





Each one of us has a strange habit of finding the most inexplicable things on earth. We have that silly idea of wanting to discover new places, simply because of curiosity.

Although we seek for new adventures, not all of us have that determination and tenacity to actually make it happen. Finding the lost worlds is a huge thing for some people. Just ask Ryan Deboodt…

This amazing photographer has gone to different caves around the world and he has the incredible photos in the bag to prove it.

Are you ready for the deepest journey in your life? Check out the pictures…

The entrance to this magnificent cave is massive. This is the Xe Bang Fai River Cave in Laos.

cavers in 2 kayaks Xe Bang Fai River Cave

Kayaking through Xe Bang Fai cave is a little scary. You don’t know what has been hidden in the water for millions of years.

Kayaking through Xe Bang Fai cave

Vietnam has so many beautiful natural scenery, and the Hang Sơn Đoòng river cave is one of them.

The river passage inside Hang Son Doong

Deboodt likes to take pictures of newly discovered caves…

Tham Khoun Xe1

And make his own exploration in the process.

Tham Khoun Xe by air and kayak

Paddling through the massive cathedral passage in Than Khuon Xe is something I would consider doing once in my lifetime.

Paddling through the massive cathedral passage in Than Khuon Xe

The entrance of Hang Sơn Đoòng cave is just spectacular. You don’t see something like this everyday.

hangsondoong vietnam

Deboodt explained that finding a new cave satisfies him.

Hang Tien 2 has a lot of potential to be a massive cave. vietnam

He has also gone to other caves like this one in Oregon, USA.

glacier caves in Oregon

At first glance, you would think you are inside a factory full of caramel. Totally stunning!

Glacier cave at sunset

If you find Deboodt’s photographs beautiful, you may want to visit his Instagram and website to check more of his works.

Check out the video of his exploration.

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