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People in Wuhan Suspected of Having Coronavirus Are Allegedly Locked in Their Own Homes “To Starve and Die”




  • According to reports, homes of people being suspected of having coronavirus were being barricaded, leaving the residents to starve and die.
  • A video showed authorities locking up an apartment unit, where screams and cries for help can be heard.
  • Another showed a woman desperately calling for help for her dying husband.

Of course, we want the Chinese government to do whatever it takes to contain and eventually eradicate the coronavirus that terrified the world. But locking up suspected patients and leaving them to die? That’s taking a step too darn far.

But that’s what reports have been saying recently. Videos have surfaced showing Chinese authorities locking up the homes of people suspected to have the disease.

A shocking footage was uploaded on social media recently showing masked men with heavy equipment barricading homes of people suspected to have been infected.

These men, assumed to be the Chinese authorities, were spotted putting a barricade on the front door of a unit.

Cries and screams can be heard from the inside of this apartment building. The authorities even placed a sign outside the unit, saying “This family came back from Wuhan. Stay away, no contact.”

These were done supposedly with the intention of leaving the people inside to die, as they were being deprived of food and other basic necessities such as medical aid.

Another video clip showed a woman desperately crying for help while standing on the balcony of her unit.

She reportedly said:

“Help! My husband is dying! Somebody come, I don’t know what to do. I’m desperate, I don’t want to bother you but help me please!”

The Chinese authorities are now making drastic measures to contain the virus. There are now more than a thousand recorded deaths, which already surpassed the deaths resulting from the SARS virus in 2003.

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