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Pastor Who Blasted Covid-19 Restrictions Citing ‘Faith Over Fear’ Loses Both Parents to Virus




  • Pastor Todd Dunn of Fort Worth’s 2nd Mile Church in Texas previously blasted Covid-19 safety measures, insisting he won’t wear a mask or practice social distancing.
  • He encouraged his congregation to live with “faith over fear.”
  • Dunn eventually lost his parents to the virus after they soon fell ill around Thanksgiving.

Amid the pandemic, Pastor Todd Dunn of Fort Worth’s 2nd Mile Church has often urged his followers to live with “faith over fear.” He has likewise criticized Covid-19 restrictions as anti-American Christians.

In a previous post on Facebook, he wrote, “I’m not wearing a mask when around my family like the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) requests and we are traveling so we’ll take our chances. And to top it off we are huggers so there you go! There will be no social distancing CDC. Faith over fear!!”

Pastor Todd Dunn

Now he has a different opinion about the matter, especially after seeing the recent surge of infections in the area. And he eventually lost both of his parents to Covid-19, soon after they got sick around Thanksgiving.

Pastor Dunn posted on Facebook shortly when his mother was admitted to the emergency room:

“URGENT PRAYER NEEDED: Hey everyone, we just received word that my mom has now been taken by ambulance to the hospital because she’s been battling the same symptoms as dad and has had difficulty breathing and as many of you may know my mom has battled congestive heart failure so this adds to the situation. So now both of our parents are going to be in the hospital and I’m sure Mom probably has Covid as well so please please please continue to pray for them. This is unreal!”

His parents, Charles Dunn, 84, and shirley Dunn, 79, died within hours of each other.

Dunn said:

“I do feel like the numbers were different in the spring and summer. And my opinion on it was based on the numbers that I saw back then. I went seven months and didn’t know one person individually who had it. Now all of a sudden … for some reason there’s been a surge.”

Naturally, he’s heartbroken about the loss. His parents, according to him, adhered to the guidelines. They wore masks when they attended church and spent minimal time when going to the grocery.

“I’m human. Night times are the hardest. I’m a pastor, but I’m human. And I’m a son,” reflected Dunn. “I just know by my faith and the word of God that I’ll see my parents again. And that’s what’s getting me through this.”

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