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Password Protect Your Webcam Because Someone Could Be Watching You





Almost everyone has never considered putting password on their web cam.

Others may not even know that it is possible. After reading this article, you might change your mind on this particular matter.

At present, technology is like a virus that spreads so fast and evolves through time. This has both positive and negative sides. Definitely it makes our life easier and comfortable.

There are things that may surprise you knowing that it happens not only in movies but in real life.

Closed circuit television (CCTV) is widely used for security. Now, you may view your house through your mobile phone provided you have CCTV installed and connected with your smart phone or laptop. What if same principle can be applied to your web cam? Moreover, what if another person or a stranger can access your web cam at the comfort of your home?

A website called Shodan claims that it is the world’s first search engine for internet connected devices. People may search for you and peep using your own web cam. You may not be aware that it is happening. It is possible that you are being watched right now, getting information about you or observing your actions.

Shodan is a search engine that can find specific types of computers and find every connected device in it.

Shodan is a search engine that can find specific types of computer and find every connected device in it.

Source: Vice

Shodan was made in 2009, by simply typing in names someone can get access to webcams all over the world, this also provides the date, time and IP address of the device. Through this technological advancement someone can find and locate you.

Shodan Hacking Alerts

Shodan Hacking Alerts

If you don’t have web cam password, put one now, you may not know that it is possible for someone to see you in your own webcam and this can be very dangerous to one’s privacy and safety.

Someone could be watching you without you knowing it.

Someone could be watching you without you knowing it.

Source: wisegeek

Be safe and protect your privacy. Don’t leave your computer idle without protection.

Today’s technological advancement has been growing so fast, we should not under estimate its capability. Most devices comes with internet connectivity which could have security implications and it’s better to start learning how to protect our devices from hackers and keep our privacy.

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