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Parents Explain to Their Kids How Babies are Made and Things Go Hilariously Awkward!





The birds and the bees: This is probably the most awkward conversation for all of us, as our parents fumble around explaining to us the shocking truth about “how babies are made.” Yep, it’s so awkward that most parents always prefer to avoid having such conversation. But at the end of the day, learning about sexuality is a normal part of child development, and answering your child’s questions in an honest, age-appropriate way is the best strategy. Eventually, it’s a parent’s job to correct their child’s misconceptions about where the babies came from.

Nobody definitely likes “the talk” – it’s so uncomfortable whether you’re the parent or the kid. But it turns out that watching other parents explain sex to their kids is hilarious.

This video from showed us how awkward it is, when moms and dads try to set the record straight about the birds and bees with their cute, innocent kids. You’ll be amazed how these kids react when their parents start sorting out how the baby gets inside the tummy and how the baby gets out.

Watch the hilarious video:

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Hilariously awkward isn’t? This video has piqued different reactions from many online viewers, particularly those who disagree on educating kids about sex at an early age. But I guess, it’s a case to case basis, you really can’t tell at what age kids will start to be curious about the birds and the bees until they start asking you directly.

How about you? Is it alright to explain this sensitive topic to kids at a very young age? Tells us about it in the comments section below.

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