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Touching Video Shows Paralyzed Football Player Walking Down The Aisle With His Bride

Determination and love can really do wonders!


A former college football player finally walked down the aisle with his bride. While a college athlete tying the knot with his partner may not be newsworthy for many, the guy’s case surely deserves admiration and inspiration for one reason: He has been paralyzed for almost eight years.

Medical experts gave Chris Norton, 26 years old, a three percent chance of walking again when he was paralyzed from the neck down following an accident in a football game in 2010. However, with his sheer determination, he has proven that nothing is too impossible to achieve.

Chris Norton has been paralyzed neck down after a football game in 2010 and was only given by doctors a 3% chance of walking again.

Norton said in an interview:

“[It wasn’t] just a three percent [chance] of walking again. It was a three percent chance to scratch an itch on your face, to feed myself, to bathe myself.”

Thankfully, destiny gifted him someone who would later be instrumental in further fueling his determination to regain his ability to walk: Emily Summers, his girlfriend.

Summers said:

“We made the decision that we’re going to do this together.”

Apparently, Summers’ arrival in Norton’s life did not only bolster his desire to walk again: He finally found true love!

A day after proposing to Summers, he got help from her to walk across the stage during his college graduation. While Norton is still far from totally regaining his pre-accident physical condition, there is no denying that he has defied what the doctors said after that fateful day in 2010.

And, just this month, Norton once again proved that, despite the odds, nothing can be too difficult to achieve, especially in the name of love. Norton walked seven yards with Summers as they marched towards the altar for their wedding.

When he was asked what he was feeling at that moment, Norton said:

“Not thinking about really anything else other than just trying to enjoy the moment and trying to make sure I execute every single step.”

Watch this inspiring video:

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Woman With Rare Genetic Disorder Adopts Children With The Same Condition As Her

Rather than giving birth to her own children, she believes adopting children who already have the disorder is the better thing to do.

Although Kristi Smith always wanted to have children of her own, she often feared her offspring would likely inherit her own genetic disorder. So instead of bearing her own babies, she decided to adopt instead - and now she has adopted children with the same condition as hers.

A 36 year-old married woman from Arizona, Kristi had always wanted to have children. However, as she was born with Phenylketonuria (PKU), a metabolic disorder that leaves the body unable to process a specific protein called phenylalanine, she realized that her own children can suffer from the same condition, too.

Besides, she knows PKU can cause intellectual disabilities, seizures, and behavioral and mental issues. Eventually, she and Matt her husband, decided to adopt.

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Girl With Only Months To Live Fulfills Wish To See Koalas Up Close and Personal

She is not expected to live longer than a year.

An eight-year old girl has finally fulfilled her dream of coming face-to-face with her favorite animal - a koala bear. While this may not be a big deal for some people, the family of the the little girl was extremely happy and grateful, especially because she is only given less than a year to live.

Katie Higginbotham, an 8-year old girl from Texas, may have not been able to fly to Australia to see a koala bear, but still got to see not only one but two: Oz and Katherine, both Queensland koalas at the Palm Beach Zoo. While the little girl’s family originally planned to fly to Australia to see the koalas there, her health condition makes the original plan out of the question. The young girl was diagnosed with pilocytic astrocytoma, a type of tumor on the brain stem, in October 2016.

Katie Higginbotham has been diagnosed with pilocytic astrocytoma, a type of tumor on the brain stem and is only given months to live.

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Father And Son Adopted Nine Siblings Because They Can’t Stand Seeing Them Separated

As the father and son just live a few homes away from each other, the siblings get to see each other on a regular basis.

There is no questioning that, despite the ills that come with Facebook, the social media platform still serves a greater good. Case in point is a post about eight children as young as months old to 14, looking for a home to adopt them. As the said post went viral, it caught the attention of Thad and his son, Jacob, both of whom, eventually, decided to take in the children after some deliberation.

"I thought, 'Man, if I had the financial means to do this, we would definitely do it. Literally the next day, my mom calls me and she's like, 'So, are you serious about the kids?'" Jacob, a married full-time college student, said in an interview as he revealed what he felt after seeing the said social media post.

When Jason saw a Facebook post that nine siblings were up for adoption, he wished he could adopt all of them.

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