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YouTuber Shows Off Ultimate Nerf Gun That Fires 100 Balls At One Time

Shut up and take my money!

You’ve probably played with a Nerf gun when you were younger.

Those colorful plastic blasters from Hasbro are particularly popular among kids of all ages. It’s a joy to play with, especially if your friends have their own Nerf guns as well. What we do back in the days is to split up into two groups composed of 3 members each. And then we chase each other around the house, pretending we were space cops with high-tech guns.

Well apparently, some kids never grow up. And that’s completely fine. If you love something, there shouldn’t be any shame in doing or pursuing it.

YouTuber Outof Darts is one such guy.

Outof Darts’ Nerf Rival Zeus Mod MXV 10,800 can fire 108 balls.

modified-nerf-gun-outof-darts 3

Photo credit: Outof Darts/YouTube

His channel showcases his love for the popular toy. What’s amazing about him though is that he applies his technical knowledge and modifies Nerf guns to make them a much more efficient weapon.

Recently, he uploaded a new video entitled NERF MOD: Nerf Rival Zeus Mod MXV 10,800 108 BALLS!

As you can probably figure out, yep, his unique gun has an almost unlimited ammo capacity. Unlike the Nerfs available at the stores, his modified version is a real bad-ass with the capability to store and shoot up to 108 rounds.

With extra tubing and fan motor, Outof Darts came up with the ultimate Nerf gun.

modified-nerf-gun-outof-darts 1

Photo credit: Outof Darts/YouTube

With a few extra tubes and a fan motor, Outof Darts came up with the ultimate Nerf gun. His mates at the local Nerf play field are probably crying now.

You can watch the modified Nerf gun in action here:

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If there’s one possible problem I’m seeing here, it’s the fact that reloading probably takes a lot of time. But we really shouldn’t worry. I’m willing to bet this guy’s already thinking of a solution for that.


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Pediatrician Reveals Amazing Secret to Calm Crying Babies in Just Seconds

This gives new meaning to the phrase “shaken, not stirred…”


What can be more frustrating than a crying baby who just won't stop? Any parent can attest their to their desperation when trying to get a wailing infant to cease screaming, short of shoving a boob or bottle into a howling mouth. Babies cry for many reasons, and when all else fails, it can mean sleepless nights for parents, as well as complaints from the neighbors.

They haven't met Dr. Robert Hamilton yet, apparently. This 30-year veteran pediatrician from Santa Monica, California's Pacific Ocean Pediatrics can get babies to stop crying in seconds!

Oh, hush-hush-hush before they call Social Service on us...

120215 baby 1...

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Preacher Spent 15 Years Building this Five-Story Tree House in the Wilderness

He did it after receiving a “divine calling” from God.


In 1993, a preacher named Horace Burgess received a divine calling from God. He claims that the good Lord said to him, “If you build a treehouse, I’ll see that you never run out of material.” Without any specific plans for its construction, Burgess gathered as much reclaimed wood and used only recycled pallets.

The Tennessee priest made use of an 80-foot-tall oak tree as a foundation and at least six other oak trees to stabilize the structure. For 15 years, he just kept on building the structure on the piece of land he had purchased just outside Crossville.

Look at what the pastor built…


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His Dogs Can’t Stand The Cold Outside So He Built Something Awesome For Them

For this dog owner, his pets deserve nothing but the finest things!

Dogs are more than just animals or pets, they are our true friends, saviors and protectors. No matter what happens, dog owners can surely count on their cuddly friends to do anything for them.

It is wonderful to hear stories of people appreciating their pets, not just by giving them treats, but by going the extra mile to ensure that they are well taken cared of and comfortable.

Take the owner of YouTube channel Highway 20 Productions as an example. According to him, their dogs do not have the best shelters. Hence, they decided to build a nice home for them, complete with heated interiors and all things that can make the dogs' stay comfortable....

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