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Italian Couple Together for 60 Years Die From Coronavirus Just Hours Apart

“(My parents) died alone, I could not even hug them,” lamented their heartbroken son.

  • A heartbroken son Luca Carrara said his mom Severa Belotti, 82, and his dad Luigi Carrara, 86, were trapped inside their hometown of Albino, in the northern Italian province of Bergamo, before authorities sent them to the hospital.
  • He tried calling the Italian emergency services but no one came to the rescue.
  • His parents died two days after they were rescued and sent to the hospital. 

Helpless under quarantine, Luca Carrara took his grief after losing both his parents in coronavirus in just a day. His mother, Severa Belotti, 82, and his father, Luigi Carrara, 86, were tested positive died of the deadly disease two days after they were rescued by the emergency medical team.

Luca, who is currently quarantined with his wife and two children, claimed that his parents were locked down in their hometown in Albino, Bergamo for eight long days until they were rescued by the emergency team.

Luca added that during those last days in their home, his parents endured the 39 degrees celsius fever without even a doctor nearby. He said he tried calling the “112” emergency services but no one came to help. He also clarified he is not blaming the emergency team since they already did their best to rescue them.

However, he criticized how Papa Juan XXIII Hospital, where his parents “died alone”, managed their patients who are tested of the deadly disease.

“In the hospital everything is disastrous. The staff don’t know where to put the patients and that the doctors are choosing which people to save, and leaving the elderly to die,” he said in a report by Italian local newspaper “Corriere della Sera”.

Luca added his dad Luigi was taken to the said hospital on Saturday, while his mother, was confined to the same facility the next day.

One of Luca’s parent died on Tuesday at 9.15am and the other followed at 11am, “less than two hours apart”, the report said.

Luca was not able to see them and their bodies were in the mortuary awaiting for cremation. Unfortunately, it will take several days before his parents will be cremated due to the increase of coronavirus deaths in Italy.

Because of being under quarantine, he and his family feel that their grief have been made “two folds,” he added.

Unable to give his parents a proper farewell, Luca then posted Severa and Luigi’s photo along with his heartbreaking message:

“Hello, Mom and Dad, this evil virus has taken you both the same day, will you continue arguing up there? Surely, but then you will end with a hug,” he wrote in Italian on his Facebook account.

Luca stressed that his father may be an old man, but he had no prior illness which has made it difficult for him to accept his parents’ death.

Luca, his wife, and their two children are still under quarantine in a separate facility.

The coronavirus cases in Italy had gone up like wildfire in just few week where confirmed cases of the deadly disease have reached to 12,462, and 827 death, as of posting.

Since the outbreak in their country, there have been long lists of complaints from Italian citizens against the government’s mismanagement of those in self-isolation.


U.K. Researchers Offering People $4,588 To Get Injected With Coronavirus

They need 24 brave men and women for this experiment.

  • The Queen Mary BioEnterprises Innovation Centre in London is now scouting for 24 men and women to be injected with the coronavirus (COVID-19_ strain) in their desperate move to find a cure for the deadly disease.
  • These people will be paid $4,588 each for the experiment.
  • The said study is expected to start soon as it receives proper approval.

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Chinese Passenger Wrestled After Deliberately Coughing On Flight Attendant

Amid fears of coronavirus spread, this woman deliberately coughed on a female attendant.

  • A video recently went viral online, showing six airline crew members restraining a Chinese woman after coughing on a female flight attendant.
  • Apparently, the passengers of Thai Airline were held up for 10 hours in Shanghai for COVID-19 check.
  • The irate Chinese woman asked the flight attendant to open the door so she can get out.
  • When she was told to wait, the passenger swung her arms and allegedly coughed at one of the attendants. 

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Coronavirus Conference Gets Canceled Because of Coronavirus

Ironically, one of the canceled events is supposed to tackle the disease.

  • A conference about coronavirus in New York has been canceled to avoid spread of the dreaded disease.
  • The state has implemented a 1-mile radius containment zone to further control the virus.
  • Next to Washington, New York has the most number of infected individuals in the United States.

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