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Sweet Moment OFW Dad Dances With Debutante Daughter At The Airport





Being away from your loved ones is never easy but is sometimes a necessary thing to do. In Lindsay Liv Limon’s case, being away from her father, an OFW (overseas Filipino worker or migrant worker), meant that she could miss a dance with him on her 18th birthday.

The teen’s father initially planned on surprising her on her debut, a traditional coming-of-age celebration for Filipino teens who turn 18. However, a runway mishap caused him to miss the special dad-daughter dance. But Lindsay had something in mind, and she wouldn’t want to end her big day without getting to dance with her father.

Lindsay learned that her father wanted to surprise her on her coming-of-age party.

But flight delays caused him to miss the event.

After the celebration, she went straight to the airport to meet her dad, Noel.

As reported GMA Network, Noel, who’s been working in Kuwait for almost two decades, booked a flight for the Philippines on August 18, just in time for his daughter’s 18th birthday. But he didn’t make it because of flight delays. The young woman was determined to be with her father on her special day.

She went to the airport wearing her glamorous yellow gown.

She certainly turned heads.

All eyes were on her that day, but she didn’t care.

She walked towards her father and the two hugged each other tenderly.

It was definitely a sweet moment between father and daughter.

You can see how Daddy was surprised to see her daughter grow up to be a lovely woman.

And of course, Noel managed to shed a tear…

And Lindsay, on the other hand, gathered the strength not to cry so as not to ruin her makeup.

The two shared the dance at the airport with strangers all around.

Lindsay posted the video on her Facebook, which was then easily picked up by various news outlets. This heartwarming moment became viral for all the right reasons. And of course, the teen did get to have her father-daughter dance, which completed her “dream debut.”

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