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Octopus Changes Colors While Dreaming In Stunning Video




  • A stunning video shows a sleeping octopus going through magnificent color changes.
  • According to the marine biologist, the octopus named Heidi may have been dreaming about finding a crab and eating it.
  • The video somehow confirms that animals can actually dream about their regular routines.

Have you ever wondered if animals can dream? One scientist may have proven that an octopus can dream while it is sleeping. In addition to that, he tried to guess what the cephalopod was dreaming about and the result is pretty awesome.

Dr. David Scheel is a marine biologist who has been raising an octopus named Heidi. The cephalopod is the subject of the documentary Octopus: Making Contact and Heidi has proven that she is great at solving puzzles, using tools, and getting in and out of small spaces. Additionally, Heidi dreams while she is sleeping and this is confirmed as she changes colors in her sleep.

Meet Heidi, the dreaming octopus.

So what does an octopus dream about? Dr. Scheel has an idea as he narrates the video of Heidi changing colors in her sleep. Dr. Scheel claims that Heidi may have been dreaming about finding a crab and leaving her home to hunt it. This is when the octopus goes dark and then changes colors again when she captures the crab and begins to eat it.

Heidi goes completely dark in her sleep.

According to the scientist, Heidi could be using her camouflage so she can consume her catch in peace. Either way, the octopus shows off some amazing color changes in her sleep, revealing that her brain is still active during slumber.

It’s a stunning video that somehow confirms that dreams can affect an octopus’ colors. Although it is unclear if Heidi was actually dreaming of catching a juicy crab, people are hoping that she was having a happy dream.

Watch the amazing video below:

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