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Japanese Artist Hand-Cuts Octopus From Single Sheet Of Paper

Her attention to detail is truly breathtaking!


Most of us are quite happy when we can manage to fold a paper plane that actually flies. However, one Japanese artist has taken paper art to a completely new level. She meticulously cut a gorgeous octopus out of a single sheet of paper.

Masayo Fukuda is a woman with an amazingly creative mind and great patience. The Japanese artist has practiced the paper cutting art technique known as Kirie or Kirigami for the past 25 years. This means that Fukuda actually cuts out her art from a single sheet of paper. Needless to say, the results are always breathtaking.

This gorgeous artwork has been cut out of a single sheet of paper!

Fukuda used a sheet of A2 paper to work on the octopus. Not surprisingly, the process of cutting out the perfect little octopus took up several hours of her time. Fukuda revealed that she spent two months working on the octopus.

Kirie may seem difficult to master. However, Fukuda says that working with paper has a calming effect on her.

“For me, cutting pictures has become a way of dissipating all the stress of my daily life,” she said. “If you want to get started, all the basics you need are tant (origami) paper, a cutter, matte, and a good light source.”

The octopus actually looks like it could swim away at any instant!

The octopus isn’t Fukuda’s only breathtaking work of art. The Japanese artist has also created several marine animals out of paper. Although she certainly loves coming up with sea creatures, Fukuda’s works also include birds, dogs, reptiles, and even celebrities.

Kirigami is a form of origami where the paper is actually cut to create shapes. It usually starts with a folded base that is unfolded before making the cuts then folded again to show the finished product. The technique is believed to have originated in 700 AD.

Fukuda is truly an amazing artist and the octopus is just one of her amazing works. You can follow Fukuda on Instagram @kiriesousakukamasayo to see more of her gorgeous creations.

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切り絵『カメレオン 完成』A3 . 色々新しいやり方を試して見て面白い仕上がりになったかな!です✨ . 12月3日から横浜の『ART de ANIMAL』グループ展にこの新作や動物の切り絵を数展もって参加いたしますので良かったら実物を観に来て下さい。よろしくお願い致します。詳しくは私のインスタに案内状が掲載されています。それか、私のインスタトップページにブログ(BLOG切り剣こと切り絵創作家Masayo)がリンクされていますのでそこに詳細が載ってます。 . #切り絵#アート#美術#紙#工芸#ハンドメイド #美 #超絶技巧 #切り絵アート #ペーパークラフト#綺麗 #グループ展 #カメレオン #cutout#papercraft#paperart#handcut#handmade#artwork #delicate#handcutpaper#paperartist#artwork#papercut#strictlypaperart#paperwork#paperdesign#papercutout#cutpaper#cutpaperart##chameleon

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新作『オウムガイ』A3サイズ . 前回載せました手の平サイズのオウムガイは、この作品の試作品です。同じデザインで拡大加筆したオウムガイ(A3)です 立体感や奥行きは出ているでしょうか!? 色々頑張ったので見てください! . #切り絵#アート#美術#紙#工芸#ハンドメイド #美 #超絶技巧 #切り絵アート #オウムガイ #ペーパークラフト #cutout#paper#papercraft#paperart#handcut#handmade#artwork #delicate#handcutpaper#paperartist#artwork#papercut#strictlypaperart#paperwork#paperdesign#papercutout#cutpaper#cutpaperart#deepseafish #japaneseart #Nautilus

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