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Obese Woman Drops 110kg After Breaking Up With Feeder Boyfriend





In some cases, people would gain weight due to depression-eating after a breakup. But the same is not true for 51-year old Patty Sanchez, who lost 110 kilograms after breaking up with her “feeder” boyfriend of 10 years.

Patty was in a “feedie-feeder” relationship. Feeders are the type of fetishists who loves seeing someone overeat and gain weight. She recounts eating 13,000 calories a day, which is almost 6 times more than the required calorie intake for an average adult. Over the course of their relationship, Patty ballooned up to 722 lbs or more than 320 kilograms.

This is Patty during the course of her relationship with her boyfriend

patty sanchez

Patty has this to say about their relationship,

“I was dying a slow death… I’d say 90% of our relationship revolved around eating. I was stuck in the bed, I couldn’t move. My life was spiraling out of control… My advice to feedie-feeder ralationships, there are more downfalls to that than there are good things about it. That’s not healthy.”

Patty with her ex-boyfriend


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Patty is a mother to four children.


And it is her sons’ concern over her health that prompted her change in lifestyle. She was able to drop 110 kilograms or 244 lbs by limiting her diet intake to 3,000 calories composed mostly of fruits, vegetables, lean meats and poultry. Her sons would also prepare her food sometimes and coach her into some light exercises.


“As her son, it was concerning to see that she was putting herself in a relationship that is emotionally stable but she is physically deteriorating. It got to a point where his fantasies of feeding and her co-dependency on him got out of hand”

Even though she broke up with her boyfriend of 10 years, Patty feels good about the change. She is now able to do things she couldn’t do before because her weight and size would restrict her movements. “It’s easier to get out of bed, to stand up, getting around the house, getting outside, even painting my nails. I couldn’t do these things before”

Painting her nails and exercising, some of the things Patty can't do before because of her size.

Aside from dropping the pounds and feeling more healthy and energized, Patty’s relationship with her sons has definitely improved. They have been supportive and proud of her every step of the way in her lifestyle change.


“I’m very proud of my mom. It’s good to see her back”

Patty with her sons Logan and Scott who have been helping her change her lifestyle.


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You can watch her amazing transformation and the bond between her and her sons in this video

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