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Naked Restaurant in Paris Requires Staff and Customers to be Totally Nude

The O’Naturel Restaurant is an advocate of naturism, which promotes being nude as an empowering exercise.

Faye Williams





French chefs are famous for their delectable culinary innovations. Thus, it comes as no surprise that France’s most well-known city, Paris, is tagged as the go-to spot for food and wine connoisseurs. It takes a lot to stand out in such a dynamic food scene. That said, a restaurant in Paris has come up with a rather controversial enticement for its patrons.

The restaurant, which is named O’Naturel, describes itself as a gathering place for naturists or, simply put, people who believe in being naked. Naturists believe in “being naked as a way of life.” They assert that being nude is the natural state of people. As such, they claim that communal nudity or being naked around a group of people should be encouraged. They see this as an act that promotes self-respect.

They accommodate only 40 guests at a time.

The restaurant, O’Naturel, explained that both staff and guests would be naked. Guests can enter the restaurant and then take off all their clothes in a cloakroom. Once they’re totally nude, guests are allowed to enter the dining area.

Fraternal twin brothers Mike and Stephane Saada are O'Naturel's bosses.

Roughly translated, the message on the O’Naturel website reads:

We invite you to enjoy a bistronomic and refined cuisine in a simple and friendly ambiance. A vegan option is available.

We welcome guests from from 7:30 p.m. to 11 p.m. from Tuesday to Saturday. Guests are admitted only after they make reservations and confirm the booking.

You can feel the pleasure of dining naked all year long in the capital with respect to naturist values.

A cloakroom is at your disposal to allow you to live this moment in complete freedom.

Whether you have already been initiated into this practice or want to try it for the first time, you will surely be delighted by the experience.

The menu is posh French, but the setup is something else.

O’Naturel’s guests better be ready to see their fellow guests naked, too, as there are no curtains or screens covering the tables. Everyone is expected to “let it all hang out,” so to speak.

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