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Paris Cinema Unveils ‘New Normal’ Concept for Watching Movies




  • Oma Cinema has released the design for their upcoming ‘new normal’ theater, featuring circular pods.
  • The entertainment venue is expected to open this 2021 in Paris, France.

The World Health Organization has repeatedly clarified that there’s no returning to the old normal anytime soon. So as the world deals with the effects of the coronavirus pandemic, countless businesses have also made major adjustments in their operations to get back on their feet while observing safety measures at the same time.

Case in point, concept illustrations of a “new era of cinema” recently made rounds on the internet and netizens’ reactions to it have been unanimous: it reminds them of a galaxy far, far away…

Paris’ Oma Cinema is is both modern and innovative.

As you can see on the image, the new concept features a “vertical viewing experience,” according to the theater’s official website. The circular pods allow moviegoers to maintain physical distancing while still enjoying a film.

Obviously, people couldn’t help but compare it to the Galactic Senate of the Star Wars prequel trilogy.

Oma founder and CEO Pierre Chichan shared:

“Whereas all the cinemas built for more than 50 years now are similar and reproduce the same seating arrangement of the audience, this concept of a movie theater creates a cinematographic experience at the same time intimate, spectacular and immersive, where every seat in the house is the best seat in the house.”

Here are some of the reactions we’ve seen online via some Twitter users:

According to Oma, the cinema is set to open its doors in Paris next year – and the theater company promises “VIP-Corporate hospitality boxes, table service on all or selected platforms and exclusive VIP access to lounge and bar.”

Watch this video:

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Meanwhile, Walmart has earlier announced that they will be turning 16 of their parking lots into drive-in cinemas.

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