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Noodle Shop Owner Keeps Customers Coming After Adding ‘Special Ingredient’




  • A noodle shop owner has been arrested after it was revealed that he has been adding a “secret ingredient” to his food.
  • The police discovered that the man has been secretly adding opium to the noodles he sells.
  • The shocking “secret ingredient” was only discovered after a customer tested positive for morphine.

Now that’s a different kind of marketing. A noodle shop owner has found a strange way to keep people coming back for more. Unfortunately, his method of adding a “special ingredient” led to his arrest.

The noodle shop owner from Guangxi, China was arrested after it was revealed that he has been putting opium in his noodles. The unnamed man would later admit that he was adding opium to the noodles so his customers would get addicted and keep returning to his shop.

That’s not how you keep your customers coming back for more!

The shop owner’s terrible method was almost never discovered until one of his customers was found by police. The customer tested positive for morphine during a police drug inspection. Since the customer maintained his innocence, the police started asking about his previous activities. The customer then revealed that he had previously eaten snail noodles from the noodle shop.

The revelation led to an investigation into the noodle shop where the police uncovered the owner’s tricks. In addition to finding a bag of snail powder that tested positive for morphine, the police also seized 76 grams of poppy seed powder.

It is unclear how long the man has been adding opium to his noodles.

It was a true shock for the police, especially when the shop owner confirmed that he was adding the opium into the noodles in hopes that his customers will get addicted. Fortunately, his evil plan was foiled as the shop was closed down, followed by his arrest.

Not surprisingly, people have become wary of what they eat due to the questionable actions of certain shop owners. Hopefully, nobody else will try adding the “secret ingredient” to their food just to get more customers.

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