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New Zealand Claims It Has ‘Eliminated’ COVID-19 After Weeks of Lockdown

Coronavirus is “currently” eliminated in the country, according to Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern.

  • New Zealand claims they have “eliminated” coronavirus.
  • The country is now easing restrictions as their new cases have dropped to single digits.
  • World leaders have praised New Zealand for its aggressive response to the COVID-19 crisis.

New Zealand has announced easing its restrictions to Level 3 from Level 4 as the country’s latest coronavirus figures have gone down to single digits. In a recent news conference, it has been announced that New Zealand has 1 new case, 4 “probable” cases, and 1 new death.

The reports have prompted Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern to comment that coronavirus has “currently” been eliminated, although she continues to warn everyone to never let their guards down.

Ardern said:

“Elimination means we may well reach zero but we may well then have small numbers of cases coming up again, that doesn’t mean we have failed, it just means that we are in the position to have that zero tolerance approach to have a very aggressive management of those cases and keep those numbers low and fading out again.”

The female leader also expressed appreciation for the cooperation of citizens, pointing out, “It’s been nearly 5 weeks living and working in ways that just two months ago would have been impossible. But we did. And we have done it together.”

The first coronavirus case in New Zealand was reported on February 28, 2020. By March 14, the country began implementing a strict 2-week isolation and after several days, foreigners were already barred from entering.

On March 23, Ardern implemented a level 3 lockdown as 102 confirmed cases and 0 deaths have been reported in the country. Two days later, the government announced a level 4 lockdown, requiring people to stay home at all times, only allowing them to go out for valid reasons.

New Zealand also gained attention globally for being one of the countries with the most aggressive testing rates with about 8,000 tests being processed each day.

Ardern has continued to remind the public to get tested if they are experiencing any symptoms. “Let’s make sure that we keep those testing rates up… that’s how we’ll finish this job,” she said.

Director General Ashley Bloomfield of the health ministry explained that the decreasing number boosts their confidence in achieving their main objective –to eliminate the virus.

“That doesn’t mean eradication but it means we get down to a small number of cases so that we are able to stamp out any cases and any outbreak that might come out,” remarked Bloomfield.

As of April 28, New Zealand has reported a total of 1,472 confirmed COVID-19 cases with only 19 deaths and 1,214 recoveries.

Watch this South China Morning Post report about New Zealand’s success in fighting COVID-19:

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COVID-19 Vaccine May Have Been Discovered in the Philippines

This family of doctors have been treating patients with serious illnesses using their own anti-viral drug for years.

  • A doctor from the Philippines is offering his drug, the Fabunan anti-viral injection, as a potential solution against the coronavirus.
  • Dr. Willie Fabunan's anti-viral drug has been patented in the United States by his brother Dr. Ruben.
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U.S. Coronavirus Death Toll Exceeds 50,000

Meanwhile, the country now has over 956,000 confirmed COVID-19 cases.

  • The United States has received 3,000 death in the last 24 hours, making the country's death toll more than 50,000.
  • Comparing the figures with European nations, the United States mortality rate remain lower than Italy, Spain, Belgium, France, and the U.K.
  • The data came after personal care businesses in Georgia, Alaska, and Oklahoma resumed operations, which received criticism from U.S. President Donald Trump.

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Is NoKor Dictator Kim Jong Un Dead Or In A Vegetative State?

Rumors of his death after a failed heart surgery have been circulating around social media.

  • State media in Hong Kong and Japan recently shared two different stories about North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un: one claimed he's dead while the other said he's in vegetative state after a failed heart angioplasty procedure early in April.
  • The Beijing-supported media Hong Kong Satellite Television (HKSTV). however, said that they have a "solid source" that would prove Kim's death.
  • Other unconfirmed reports also said that the angioplasty operation went wrong due to the continuous shaking of the surgeon's hands.

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