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13 Secrets Netflix Doesn’t Want You To Know About





Netflix had been a huge part of our daily routine that it’s difficult to remember our lives before it. The online streaming service has completely revolutionized the way we watch out favorite movie and series.

Netflix allows you to watch anything that you want on their service all day long, but it doesn’t always make things easy. In fact, there’s so much we don’t know about the American media-services provider.

Here are 13 secrets Netflix doesn’t want you to know about.

1. Netflix gets some of its best ideas from movie pirates.
2. The location of Netflix’s DVD warehouses is a secret.
3. They’ll be losing all their Disney content soon.

Disney is launching its own streaming service Disney+, which is why the company will be pulling out all Disney-produced films and shows from Netflix.

4. There are secret Netflix codes to help you find new titles.

Here are some secret codes:

Comedy (code 10256)

  • Comedy (code 10256)
  • Political documentaries (7018)
  • Tearjerkers (6384)


You can find all the various codes right here.

5. They’ve been criticized for giving short shrift to closed captioning.
6. You can minimize “Netflix originals” recommendations.

Follow this link, uncheck “Netflix Suggests” and select “Manual Ordering.”

7. Some of the synopses have been written by people who haven’t actually seen the movies.
8. Hundreds of Netflix accounts are sold on the dark web.
9. Netflix wants you to stop binge-watching.

Well, not exactly. Netflix just doesn’t want you to call it that way.

10. There are sites that navigate Netflix, so you don’t have to.
11. You can get even better video quality with the click of the button.

Go to and select “High” for an HD experience.

12. Some workers don’t like working there.
13. Netflix’s origin story is up for debate.

There are conflicting stories as to how Netflix started. Nobody really knows its real origin until now.

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