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Purr Evil: Sinister Cat Did the Most Wicked and Yet So Hilarious Thing to His Owner.





I absolutely love cats. They’re absolutely delightful to look at and my heart just melts when they rub their soft fur against my legs. When they start meowing, I have no choice but to give in to their demands. But I have to admit that they can be the nastiest creatures when they are not in the mood. They can do the meanest things to their helpless, adoring owners.

Take this Persian cat, for instance. Jennifer Morales was busy watching TV when her cat jumps to the coffee table and swipes the remote control from the surface. Not contented with what he just did, he focused his attention on the glass candle holder. Watch what he did as Jennifer pleaded “Noooooo!”

Watch the video:

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Did you see the expression on the cat’s face? Absolutely hilarious! The evil look on his face and that little pause before doing his thing with the glass… it’s just priceless!

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