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NASA Curiosity Rover Finds a Pyramid on Mars. Is it Proof Of Alien Life?

Is this proof that ancient civilization once existed in the red planet?


A perfectly formed “pyramid” was photographed by NASA’s curiosity rover in the red planet.

Several conspiracy theorists believe it is proof that ancient civilization once existed in the planet.

The bizarre formation was described in the YouTube video from Paranormal Crucible  as “near perfect design and shape”. Moreover, they believe that the object is “the result of intelligent design and certainly not a trick of light and shadow.”

The controversial photo, supposedly showing a car-sized pyramid in the red planet, was snapped using the rover’s Mastcam camera on May 7, 2015. UFO hunters claims it proves the existence of alien life on the red planet.


Meanwhile, Mastcam investigation program deputy principal investigator Dr. Jim Bell said the strange formation is nothing but a rock.


Photo credit: Mirror UK

“It is probably a volcanic rock (like most rocks that we’ve seen with rovers on Mars), and just like many volcanic rocks on the Earth, many volcanic rocks on Mars break and cleave in very sharp, angular ways. This one happens to have cleaved into a pyramidal shape, which is actually not too uncommon among hard, dense volcanic rocks on the Earth either, ” Dr. Bell explained.


Photo credit: Mirror UK

Moreover, an analysis by the Mastcam investigation team revealed that the rock is only four-inches tall.

Watch the video:

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Source: Huffington Post


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