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Nan Madol: The Lost Ancient City Built On Coral Reefs In The Middle Of The Pacific





Nan Madol is among the ancient cities in the world, but it is so remote that archaeologists have yet found a way to reach it. But thanks to technological advancement, scholars managed to acquire unprecedented access to the site. It is worth noting that this archaic city once became the haven of the Saudeleur Dynasty, which existed between 1100 CE and 1600 CE.

It appeared that Nan Madol is off the coast of the island of Pohnpei, which is the capital of the Federated States of Micronesia. It is basically 4,000 kilometers from Los Angeles and 2,575 kilometers from Australia.

The so-called “floating city” beautifully sits on a coral reef located in the Pacific Ocean.

A Stanford University archaeologist named Dr. Patrick Hunt was quoted saying:

“Why would somebody build a city out on the middle of the ocean? Why here, so far away from any other known civilization?”

The ancient city also comprises of 92 artificially made inlets, all of which are constructed out of coral and basalt boulders. Archaeologists suggest that each of these inlets served a certain purpose. For instance, some of them could have served as a canoe for building and/or caring for the sick. These inlets are linked by a certain network of canals. Hence the nickname, “the Venice of Micronesia.”

The site consists of vast numbers of fallen temples, ancient tombs and bath houses which come towering out of the water.

Archaeologists Dr. Karen Bellinger said,

“As amazing as this site appears from satellite imagery, coming down to ground level is even more astounding. There are walls which are 25 feet tall and 17 feet thick.”

The ruins were built on ninety-two artificial islets.
The islets are surrounded by narrow stretches of water, resembling canals.
Hence, Nan Madol is sometimes referred to as “the Venice of Micronesia.”

Bellinger revealed that every single inlet contains remains of public baths, palaces, temples, residences, and meeting houses, among many others. These structures are said to have been built between 1200 CE and 1600 CE.

No one in Pohnpei knows exactly how Nan Madol was built.
Or why the early inhabitants undertook such a mammoth task.
But islanders swear ancient kings known as Nahnmwarkis used magic.
The rock structures, some as heavy as 50 tons, reach as high as 16 meters.

No one – even the residents of Pohnpei – knew how exactly the city was built. However, there are those who believe it involved magic. According to a popular rumor, the first Saudeleurs to ever visit the city were brothers Olosopha and Olisihppa. The two appeared to be sorcerers and they used their powers to create the very city of Nan Madol.

Nadauwas is being surrounded by walls with a height of at least 7.6 meters.
Construction by thousands of workers probably took hundreds of years.

Of course, the scientists would disagree. They theorized that the basalt builders were most likely shipped from the other side of the island. This was done through the use of rafts, and the basalt builders were levered into the right position using palm tree trunks. Experts believe that it took thousands of workers and hundreds of years for the city to be created.

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