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Mother Saves Baby From Falling Off Balcony With Lightning-Fast Reflexes

She acted fast to save her child’s life!

  • A viral video shows a young mother saving her child from falling off a balcony with her amazingly quick reflexes.
  • The baby slipped through the railings of the balcony but his mom managed to grab him in time.
  • People are now criticizing the mother as well as the building for the lack of safety precautions.

It’s usually the dads who are caught on video saving their children with amazing speed. However, one mom proved she could be just as fast as any father. The mother used her lightning-fast reflexes to save her baby from falling off a balcony of a tall building.

The incident was captured on a security camera in the Laureles Colonial building, which is in the 11th district of Medellin in Colombia. The woman and her toddler are shown getting off an elevator and waiting in front of a door at the Monserrate construction company’s office. While his mother is waiting, the curious baby is drawn to the railing which doesn’t have a glass panel. Suddenly, the child leans in and immediately begins falling headfirst through the rails.

Watch the shocking video below:

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It’s a heart-stopping moment but the mom was quick to react. Although she was on her phone, she immediately leaped into action, grabbing her child by the ankle. Luckily, she was able to pull her son back into safety with the help of other people who also rushed to rescue the toddler.

Not surprisingly, the video has since gone viral and people have mixed reactions to the incident. Some praised the mother for her quick reflexes while others pointed out that she shouldn’t have been on her phone while watching the child. Meanwhile, some netizens criticized the building’s lack of safety precautions that could have led to a fatal accident.

The lack of glass paneling led to the child falling through the rails.

It is unclear whether the child was injured during the incident but there is little doubt that his condition would have been a lot worse if his mother didn’t act quickly.


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