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When You See What This Mother Did To Her Newborn Baby, You’ll be Shocked! OMG.





Durrell Wild Conservation Trust is a conservation organization with a mission to save species from extinction. It was formerly known as Jersey Wildlife Conservation Trust – a charitable institution on 1963 with Dodo as its symbol but was renamed on the 26th of March, 1999 in honor of its founder Gerald Durrell. At the grounds of Les Augres Manor form a sanctuary and breeding center for endangered species called the Durell Wildlife Park.

Published on 2013, a rare footage of a mother orangutan giving birth to a Sumatran orangutan named Kea was caught live on video by a staff from Durell Wildlife Park. They considered it a “miracle birth.”

When I saw this mother orangutan put her mouth on her newborn baby, I was expecting the worst. But few seconds later, I noticed that she was only trying to clean the remaining birth fluids from the baby orangutan with her mouth. I was overwhelmed by the most natural and amazing maternal instinct the mother orangutan has, of how it’s exactly like humans. The sight of her cradling Kea, removing the umbilical cord and holding her tightly in her arms was just surreal. It reminds me of how our mothers take good care of us when we were little, keeping us safe inside their arms.

Watch the Shocking Video:

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Credits: Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust

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