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A Mother Meets Her Daughter’s Killer In Court. What She Did Next Left Me In Tears. Unexpected!


Being able to forgive is perhaps the bravest act one can do. Though it does not require extensive physical abilities, deciding to forgive can initially pinch the heart and puzzle the mind for long periods of time. Although we have heard some stories about forgiveness, we think the latest tale that we found can topple all the forgiveness stories that we have ever encountered.

Meet Ady Guzman-DeJesus, a mother whose daughter was killed two years ago due to a gunshot fired by her daughter’s classmate, Jordyn Howe, inside the school bus. Two years after the accident, Ady and Jordyn faced each other again in court. During the proceedings, Ady did the most unexpected thing: she hugged Jordyn and offered a plea deal. It must be really hard for a parent to forgive the person who took away his/ her child, but Ady surprisingly mustered the guts to do it.

Jordyn accidentally shot Lourdes Guzman-De Jesus in November 2012, when Jordyn brought his stepfather’s gun to school, and showed it to his friends at the Mimami-dade school bus. He then accidentally pulled the trigger and the bullet went straight towards Lourdes’ neck, causing her death. Initially, Ady wanted a grave sanction for the young man but then she realized that fighting to cause another person’s misery won’t bring her daughter back. She finally decided to forgive her daughter’s killer, and said she is now at peace. Ady asked the judge to reduce Jordyn’s sentence, and suggested to have him travel with her on the road instead so she can lecture him about the dangers of guns.

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Credits: Amazing Vine via The San Francisco Globe

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