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Heartwarming Moment Dog Rescues Her Pups From Fire, Carries Them To The Fire Truck

What a heroic dog!


There are a lot of reasons why dogs became man’s best friend. They’re loyal, they’re cute, they’re sweet, and they’re willing to go to hell and back just to save their owners from harm. Even though they can’t express themselves with words, it’s pretty obvious that dogs are capable to love.

Back in 2012, images of a mother dog rescuing her ten-day-old pups from a fire surfaced on the internet. The heartwarming images quickly became popular among the netizens during that time.

The fire started in a house in Santa Rosa de Temuco in central Chile.

Source: Pixabay

During the investigation, the experts determined that the main cause of the house fire was a car bomb that went off.

Amanda, a German shepherd mix gave birth to a litter of puppies 10 days before the fire.

Source: J. Monsalve
Amanda quickly braved the scorching heat for the sake of her pups.

Source: J. Monsalve

According to the reports, the firefighters witnessed Amanda’s bravery when she went past them and entered the burning house without hesitation.

Against all odds, Amanda meticulously carried each of her pups away from the fire one-by-one.

Source: J. Monsalve

Fortunately, she managed to save all of her five puppies. The concerned firemen decided to bring her and her babies to a veterinarian to check whether they sustained any injuries.

At first, Amanda was pretty hostile against them.

Source: J. Monsalve

In an interview with Soy Chile, the veterinarian Felipe Lara explained that Amanda’s maternal instincts and the stress from the fire were the cause of her aggressive behavior when the firefighters tried to approach her and her puppies. Fortunately, she finally decided to let her guard down when she realized that the firemen meant no harm to her and her babies.

Sadly, one of the injured pups didn’t make it due to the severe burns it sustained from the fire. However, we can breathe a sigh of relief because the rest of Amanda’s babies survived – thanks to her courage and determination.


Farmer in Cambodia Breeds Mutant Pigs With Hulk-Like Muscles

Okja is real.

Anyone who saw Netflix’s Okja knows about the story of this superpig lovingly raised by a girl in a remote village in South Korea that was supposed to be cut up for its super lean meat. The girl then set out on a rescue mission to save Okja from that fate. It turns out that Okja could be real after all and many of these kinds of mutant pigs can be found in Cambodia.

A farm in the Southeast Asian country called Duroc Cambodia, which is believed to be based in Banteay Meanchey, is breeding genetically modified (GM) pigs that look extremely muscular. Photos and videos of these animals have been uploaded on social media and many people were appalled.

This muscular mutant pig can be found in a breeding farm in Cambodia.

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Clever People Came Up With The Best ATM Withdrawal Defense Yet

People are bringing along their canine friends to protect them from threats while withdrawing from ATM machines.

While ATM provides convenience in acquiring cash compared to falling in line to make over-the-counter withdrawals, there is an increased risk since people using the machine has become an easy target for crooks.

Using an ATM alone has become very risky these days, most especially during the night. Banks should protect their customers by installing safety features around units like security cameras, cubicle-type walls, and even deploying armed guards.

People are now using their canine friends to give them protection while withdrawing from ATMs.

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10 Animals People Worshipped and Considered Sacred

Although some of them were deemed holy, people would still sacrifice them in the most brutal ways.

Religion is a very interesting topic in the society. Its existence dates back to the archaic times, when people worshipped bushes and rocks, among many others. While the debate of which denomination stands religiously correct, we can’t help but be fascinated with their tenets.

If Christianity believes in the holy trinity (i.e. Jesus, God, and the Holy Spirit), other religions speak differently. Some of them are into incarnation, a process in which a god enters the world as a living thing (e.g. human, plants, or animals). Regardless of how it’s conceived, incarnation is merely about a divine creator taking a physical form.

In this list, we’ll tackle animals that people worshipped and considered holy. Here are ten examples of them.

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