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Mother and Daughter Took THIS 100-Day Challenge to Lose Weight. The Result? Incredible!





Being overweight is one of the most common struggles people are facing today. Aside from being physically disturbed, it causes low self-esteem and possible health problems. While many people would want to lose weight, not all are committed in doing so. Because reality is, it is not easy to get up, exercise, diet and completely change one’s lifestyle. This is why we were completely stunned when we came across the story of this mother-daughter tandem who shared their weight loss journey together.

Cheryl Shaw, a 50 year old single mother who is overweight was worried that her teenage daughter Tessa is starting to gain some weight too. She doesn’t want her daughter to tread her path and continue to lead an unhealthy life. So they decided to accept the 100-day challenge of the website GiveIt100, where people upload videos of their weight loss journey. They were so inspired that they mapped out their plan as follows: to eat right, exercise and basically live healthy for 100 days.

The hardest part of undergoing weight loss programs is not getting adequate support, and journeying through it alone. Cheryl and Tessa understand this very well that is why they serve as each other’s supporters and cheer-me-uppers throughout the process. Cheryl told Women’s Health magazine,

“Support is definitely key for Tessa and me, as it is with a lot of other people going through their own weight-loss journeys.”

The result? An incredible 74 pound-weight loss in 100 days! While Cheryl and Tessa are happy with this combined achievement, they said they wouldn’t stop there. They plan to continue what they’ve started and attain more milestones together. We are completely amazed with the determination and willpower of this mother-daughter tandem, and we wonder if there is a secret to their unwavering energy. Cheryl advises,

“You must find an activity that you love so you stick with it and push yourself… So make a plan to help you reach your goals. If you fail to plan, then you plan to fail.”

Watch their amazing weight loss journey:

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We think this is one of the most inspiring weight loss journey ever! Plus, we are mesmerized by the amazing bond between this mother and daughter. How about you? Share your thoughts in the comment box below and share this post to your friends!

Source: The San Francisco Globe

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