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Female Morgue Worker Got Pregnant By Male Corpse

One time, during a late shift, Jessica set eyes on an attractive dead male body.






Working in a morgue and being surrounded by corpses sure is freaky, especially if you have an incredibly fertile imagination. It wouldn’t be surprising if visions of ghosts and the dead coming back to life constantly haunt you. However, some say that if you get used to it, all those scary thoughts eventually go away.

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But what if you get too used to working in a morgue and you get too comfortable with dead bodies, and so you begin to think of them in an erotic way? Okay people, make way for necrophilia.

Necrophilia has existed centuries ago, as evidenced by written texts from ancient Egypt and artifacts from other ancient civilizations. It begins when one develops sexual attraction with a corpse, and then feels the need to act on such sexual urges. In 1989, psychiatrists Jonathan Rosman and Philip Resnick found out that the primary motivation for it is the idea of possessing a partner who does not resist nor reject them.

Such thoughts may have crossed the mind of one female mortician who worked at a morgue in Lexington, Missouri. The woman, identified only as Jessica for her privacy, was a diligent worker and a pleasant colleague, according to others.

However, she began to feel sexual urges towards the male bodies brought to the morgue.

One time, during a late shift, Jessica set eyes on an attractive dead male body. So, she washed the corpse on the examination table.

She noticed that it had a post-mortem erection.

Delighted, she straddled the lifeless body and admitted that it had an orgasm.

A few weeks later after the incident, Jessica noticed that she missed her period. She took a pregnancy test and alas! She tested positive. She consulted a physician and then admitted that she did not have sex with anybody except for the corpse.

The doctor notified the authorities, and Jessica was arrested at work later that day.

Jessica was then held on a $250,000 bond and was charged with necrophilia and desecration of the dead.

If you think that this story is too terrible or too ridiculous to be true, then be happy that you’re right. Happy April Fools Day! Just imagine how sick this story would be if it was real.


Woman Confessed ‘Having A Lover Makes Me A Better Wife’

She said it’s a “win-win” for everyone.

It takes a super woman to be a good wife. Yes, being a wife is not easy. It means she needs to be a nanny to take care of the kids every hour, be a chef to cook for the kids and husband every day, be a housekeeper to clean the house the whole day, and be a nymph for her husband every night. Being a good wife could also mean there will never be enough time for herself to unwind, travel, have her moment of solitary, or even do simple things like running to the bathroom to pee.

All wives are not perfect. They can also feel weary, exhausted, emotionally and physically drained, and cranky. And taking care of another person’s mess sometimes brings out the worst in typical good wives, to the point that their relationship with their husbands may suffer.

This is not the case with Savvanah Whitman, not her real name, whose husband, Austin, is quite supportive. Austin even allowed her to have a lover to recharge in case she starts feeling insane from her life as a mother, wife, and a PhD student.

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Beauty Blogger Covers Her Face in Sperm Every Day for Smooth and Healthy Skin

All-organic natural goodness…want to give it a try?

Women around the world have been using non-traditional methods to achieve beautiful skin, but none more unconventional than a beauty blogger and former glamour model who uses human sperm as a daily facial.

Yes sperm. That viscous fluid ejaculated by a sexually excited male.

Tracy Kiss, a 28-year-old single mother of two from Wendover, Buckinghamshire in England is an avid user and promoter of seminal fluid in her everyday facial routine. The beauty blogger has posted countless photos of herself on her Instagram, Facebook and Twitter accounts showcasing her flawless peaches-and-cream complexion to the world to prove just how effective her unusual beauty regimen is.

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Man With Two Penises Answers Everyone’s Pervy Questions

It’s a condition called Diphallia and happens in one in five million men.

When it comes to the subject of male genitalia, people often talk about size and performance. It’s just normal, since most men only have one penis, which is already enough subject for their incessant worrying. But imagine having TWO penises…this will certainly take the discussion about penises in another level.

Yes, it IS possible. There’s a condition called Diphallia and happens in one in five million men. But not ALL men with this condition have both their wankers fully functional. So when someone tells his story about having two penises that are BOTH working just fine, well, you can pretty much understand all the attention the dude’s been getting.

The man in question has released a book called Double Header: My Life with Two Penises. He hosted an AMA session on Reddit and naturally, the dude just became famous. When he did an interview with BBC Newsbeat, he revealed that his parents advised him to keep his condition private.

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Man Buys Penis Enlarger Online, Gets Magnifying Glass Instead

The purchase arrived with only one instruction: Do Not Use in Sunlight.

We’ve all seen the spam ads in our e-mail inbox for what is claimed to be the holy grail of male enhancement, a device that enlarges male genitalia. One man desperate for more.. manhood.. took the bait and ordered the merchandise. The simplistic item he received in for his purchase left a lot to be desired.

The Malaysian man known only as Ong, complained after receiving a £5 magnifying glass, after he spend £100 on an enlargement device online. It must have add insult to injury to this Malaysian man, who reported the incident to Malaysia’s customer complaints bureau. The chairman of the bureau, Mr. Chong, reported that this was not the first claim to be made of this particular product, in fact, this customer was one of many who had fallen victim to recent online scams.

Rather than the pump-type apparatus he expected to receive, he got a magnifying glass instead.

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Can Regular Intercourse Permanently Loosen The Vagina?

Women get shamed at times for not being “tight.”

It’s such a wonder when you think about how flexible a woman’s vagina is. Think about it: It can accommodate different sizes of penis. There’s also the fact that such a small hole can become a passageway for some six-pound baby.

Some women, though, may worry about the size of their lady parts, especially if they have regular sexual intercourse. So does regular sex really stretch out the vagina permanently? Fortunately, gynecologists have provided the answer to this hotly-debated question. The answer? Yes and No.

Women tend to feel insecure about the tightness of their vagina.

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Dad Earns Mix Reactions After Catching Daughter Lying Naked Next To A Stranger

Such a sweet story!

If there’s one thing that is essentially challenging yet equally rewarding job in the world, then that would be no other than parenting. Aside from assuring that the basic necessities for all children are met, the social, emotional and psychological upbringing should also be compatible with the struggles that life has to offer. As for this Russian father, being a good provider is not just enough. For him, fatherhood is defined on how brave you have risen to the challenges of becoming the epitome of a good role model to those who are next-in-line or at least for the bold ones who are willing to sacrifice singlehood in pursuit of family life.

A Russian father shared this on Reddit.

(English is not my native language, please be kind)

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Guy Shares Horrific Tale Of Being Caught By His Girlfriend’s Mum

What a vomit-inducing way to get caught!

A mother came home unexpectedly one day to discover her daughter in flagrante delicto with a boy, and they were in the middle of an act which brought bile to her throat.

The young couple thought no one was due to come home, so they started making out in the girls’ parents house, doing all sorts of exciting experiments sexually active teenagers are prone to do.

Unfortunately, the girl’s mother arrived and caught them in the throes of passion right in the middle of the hallway…

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This Epic “Camel Toe Prank” Is The Most Hilarious Ever!

Nothing like camel toe in the morning, baby!

Girls, imagine this little scenario. Let’s say you are walking down the street, feeling all comfortable and sexy with your chosen attire for the day and then a random stranger suddenly approaches you to tell you that “your camel toe is showing.”

You’d feel shocked about it, right? Well that’s exactly what the guys over at Whatever, a group of YouTube pranksters, did one day and the results turned out to be truly hilarious. Besides, these dudes did bring a real camel in town just for this prank. For the preparation alone, I say these dudes deserve an award or something.

To make the prank work, these guys brought a real camel in the city.


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French Woman Claims Her Husband Sold Her to 2,700 Men in 4 Years

A 46-year-old French woman is accusing her 54-year-old husband of forcing her into prostitution.

A 46-year-old French woman is accusing her 54-year-old husband of forcing her into prostitution for the past four years. By her own account, the woman claimed that she ended up being “sold” to more than 2,700 men as part of her husband’s sordid “business plan.”

The woman related that the horrifying arrangement started in 2011 and that her husband has made €160,000 (roughly $176,800) from forcing to be intimate with various strangers.


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