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Unique Taiwan Restaurant Serves Your Food in Toilet Bowls





There’s more to having a quality restaurant dining experience than just good food. On top of that, you want to go somewhere with a nice ambiance and customer service.

Well, we have mixed feelings with Taiwan’s Modern Toilet Restaurant. The name gives you the clue: this isn’t the typical restaurant you go to because, as you can see on the photos below, everything in it is bathroom-themed.

You name it, they have it! Almost everything they have in their 2,800-square-foot, 3-storey restaurant either look like a toilet or a poop.

From how they serve your food…
To the furniture…
… and even down to the desert.

We bet you will never see a chocolate ice cream the same way again.

According to their official website, Modern Toilet was started by “a group of muckrakers” following their dreams.

The site tells us:

“It all started when one of us was reading the manga, Dr. Slump on the toilet – and the rest is history.

“In the beginning, we mainly sold ice cream and a big pile of chocolate ice cream sold in containers shaped like a squat toilet. This humorous spin became a great success.After much planning from all of our partners, we finally took the first step towards realizing our dreams in May 2004 with the launch of the Marton Restaurant. The restaurant immediately caused a stir in Taiwan with its humorous design.”

As crazy as the idea sounds, you’d be surprised that Modern Toilet has actually a strong fanbase throughout the years.

A quick browse over at TripAdvisor, for example, reveales many glowing reviews from satisfied customers.

One fan wrote:

“I heard of this restaurant thru other vlogs, blogs and articles…. I decided to go to Modern Toilet to get a few unique souvenirs. I actually ended up buying a meat sandwich which looked like well.. what comes out of us. Food is good.”

Another shared:

“Sh*tty service as the sign says but the fact is otherwise, The receptionists and waiters really take care of their customers’ needs.”

Someone likewise said:

“A place for family fun and laughter over a meal. The set menu has an interesting fusion of Taiwan food for your selection. To heighten the fun you can choose to have your favorite drink in a urinal. Yes, a urinal you can bring home after dinner. Good for novelty and picture taking. Service staffs are friendly.”

Currently, Modern Restaurant has branches in Taiwan and several areas in Asia.

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