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Guard Eats Junk Food With Rice So He Could Send Money to Family

The sacrifices a father is willing to make just to provide for his children’s needs.

  • A Facebook user posted a heartbreaking story of a security guard from Southern Philippines.
  • Apparently, the man eats junk food and rice everyday to provide for his family back home.
  • The man hopes that once his children graduates in college, he will stop his unhealthy eating practice.

A security guard from Cotobato, Philippines was seen eating junk food and rice during one of his evening work-breaks. A Facebook user named Ralph Reymond Hermano Getanes posted his photos and shared their conversation during that evening.

Eventually, netizens caught Getanes’ post and shared it online. The story of the security guard then went viral and netizens have been praising him for being willing to sacrifice his health just to provide for his family.

The unnamed security guard is working under a “straight duty” schedule in one of the companies in Mindanao when Getanes saw him eating his dinner on a plastic bag – and it’s just rice with Ding Dong Mixed Nuts.

Later on, another F facebook user revealed that the security guard’s name is Aries Abas.

Ding Dong Mixed Nuts is a popular junk food in the Philippines which contains salted peanuts, corn bits, green peas, corn chips and curls.

Getanes approached the security officer and asked him why he is eating junk food and rice for his meal.

“Yes sir, I’m supporting several of my family in Cotabato” the security guard said in Filipino.

Getanes said that he may get sick, especially he is working under a “straight duty” schedule, which meant a 24-hour work duty.

His response was heartbreaking – he is used to eating junk food and rice and he hopes one day, he will no longer have to consume these unhealthy meals when his children finish college.

Getanes then shared the story on social media and reminded the security guard’s family not to waste his noble “effort and sacrifices” for them.

Several netizens asked for his information and expressed desire about giving support for the security guard.

Some offered prayers.

Abas works in a popular Davao department store owned by a Filipino-Chinese business tycoon.

Based on the JobStreet website, a security guards’ salary in Mindanao, Philippines is roughly Php 11,219 ( approximately US$224) a month or Php370 (approximately US$7) per day.


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