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Security Guard Killed After Telling Customer to Wear A Face Mask

“This is senseless. Over a mask. Over a mask?”

  • Calvin Munerlyn, security guard of the Michigan Family Dollar Store, has been fatally shot after reminding a shopper to wear a face mask.
  • According to reports, Munerlyn got into a verbal fight with customer Sharmel Lashe Teague for telling her daughter to comply with the policy.
  • Teague’s husband and son later came back and committed the crime.

A security officer has been murdered in the United States after he reminded a store customer to wear a face mask. According to the authorities, 43-year-old Calvin Munerlyn, security guard of the Michigan Family Dollar, died after he has been shot in the head.

In a CNN report, we learn that Munerlyn got into an argument with Sharmel Lashe Teague, 45, after the former told the latter’s daughter to wear mask before entering the store. Teague angrily left the store and later come back with her husband Larry Edward Teague, 44, and her son Ramonyea Travon Bishop, 23.

According to Genesee County Prosecutor David Leyton:

“From all indications, Mr. Munerlyn was simply doing his job in upholding the Governor’s Executive Order related to the COVID-19 pandemic for the safety of store employees and customers.”

Unfortunately, fulfilling his duty led to his untimely death.

In a surveillance footage, Teague can be seen “yelling at Munerlyn who then told her to leave the store and instructed a cashier not to serve her.”The two men later entered the store, with Larry Teague shouting at Munerlyn for disrespecting his wife. Bishop then gunned the guard down.

Tina James, cousin of the victim, lamented:

“This is senseless. Over a mask. Over a mask? This is not the way to do things right now. We need to come together.”

All three have eventually been arrested and are now facing murder charges.

Watch the video report here:

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Last April 24, Governor Gretchen Whitmer has formally ordered all Michigan residents to wear face masks in public places.

An article by the Detroit Free Press tells us, “the state’s definition of a face covering varies. It includes bandannas, handkerchiefs or scarves… As long as the mask covers your nose and mouth, you’re in the clear.”


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