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Metal Detectorist Discovered 4000-Year Old Necklace Worth $14,000 in A Remote Field

The rare artifact dates back to the Bronze Age!

  • A man has discovered one of the coolest finds ever in a remote field.
  • At first, he believed that he had found a piece of old climbing equipment or a part of a tractor.
  • However, it has been revealed to be a rare necklace from the Bronze Age!

What’s the coolest thing you’ve found in an empty field? One man got extremely lucky when he took his metal detector to a remote field near his home. At first, he thought he found old climbing equipment. However, it turned out to be a 4,000-year-old necklace and is worth about $14,000!

Billy Vaughan is a 54-year-old resident of Whitehaven in the United Kingdom who spends most of his free time being a metal detectorist. The hobby usually helps him find some interesting trinkets around his hometown but a visit to a remote field helped Vaughan find something truly unique. Who would have thought that a rare necklace was hidden out in an open field?

The rare necklace is called a golden torc and dates back to the Bronze Age.

According to Vaughan, he initially thought that the trinket was a piece of climbing equipment. However, he was in for some surprising news after he sent a friend a photo of his find.

“He said I must come around with it right away so I hopped in my car and drove to his house with it,” Vaughan said. “He was very excited about the find and told me to take it to a jeweller’s, who confirmed it was 11oz of 22 carat gold.”

Vaughan’s find is currently estimated at about $14,000. However, the care worker isn’t particularly concerned about the numbers. After all, he is legally obliged to offer it for sale to a museum at a price set by the Treasure Valuation Committee. Nevertheless, he is proud of the discovery.

Vaughan with his amazing find.

The necklace is actually a 4,000-year-old golden torc that was used back in the Bronze Age. It is often used to display wealth and status and people give them as gifts to their loved ones.


Colorful Glitter Balls is the Latest Fashion Trend for Dogs

The said trend has sparked mixed reactions among netizens.

  • Pet owners are now putting glitters on their dog-balls as an added "bling-bling".
  • This latest fashion trend was noticed by North Carolina-based Royal Paws Pet Salon.
  • Owners should not be worried because the glitters are edible, so it is safe for your dogs to lick their testicles.
  • Netizens, however, has had mixed reactions about it.

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Newborn Baby Frowns At Doctor Who Tries To Make Her Cry

Sick of this world since day 1!

  • Baby Isabela Pereira de Jesus was recently born in a hospital in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
  • Photograper Rodrigo Kuntsmann was around to capture the moment and one of his snapshots went viral.
  • The hilarious image features the baby girl seemingly frowning at the doctor who was trying to make her cry.

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“Strong Sperm” In Public Pools Could Get Ladies Pregnant, Claims Indonesian Official

Not surprisingly, the official ended up getting bashed by netizens.

  • An Indonesian official warned ladies that swimming in a public pool with men may result to pregnancy.
  • She claims "the indestructible sperm" released by "sexually-excited men" in pools get ladies pregnant even without penetration.
  • Memes about her "ridiculous claim circulated"on Indonesian social media and the public asked the government to fire her.

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