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Husband Supports Pregnant Wife During Water Birth Method. This is Mesmerizing to Watch!





One of the greatest miracles in life that we can actually witness is the giving birth to a new life. It is God’s greatest gift to mankind. Hence, we have to treasure it and by all means, protect it. The only way to manifest our thankfulness for it is through love. Love gives more meaning to life.

Life in the womb is very dependent to the love and care of the parents, especially the mother. Normally, parents would see a doctor to make sure that nothing will go wrong. However, there are also other methods to giving birth. One of these is the water birthing. According to WebMD, a water birth is the delivery of a child in a pool filled with warm water. It can be done not only in the hospital but also at home with the help of some experts in the field. WebMD also added that water birth can expedite labor, ease pain and prevent the need for anesthesia.

However, American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologist (ACOG) asserted that although water birth may have good benefits, it has corresponding risks such as baby infection, baby breathing in water, premature snapping of umbilical cord and potential seizures if baby is not able to breathe. Nonetheless, the possibility of such risks can be avoided if procedures were followed, and delivered with the help of an expert. Before the mother gives birth, the father plays a vital role in preparing the mother for such a wonderful event.

Just like this video. You will be amazed on how the water birth is done and at the same time, it’s mesmerizing to watch the husband supporting his wife all throughout the process.

Watch the Amazing Video:

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Credits: Natasha Hance

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