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This 30-Second Video Will Teach You A Terrifying Lesson About Planet Earth

The world is changing and this video is the ultimate way to prove it!


Climate change is probably the most popular environmental issue of this generation. It entails the increased emission of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases, subsequently leading to a range of environmental deterioration.

One of the most talked-about issue in the face of the “climate change era” is the continuous rise of sea levels and meltdown of ice in the Antarctic. Because of global warming, the thick sheets of ice that once covered the lands of the North seem to literally melt down, signalling that climate change is indeed happening and the world is facing a big transition.

Some critics say that climate change is an overrated issue and that its effects will not surface until after the next century. But in this video by Extreme Ice Survey (EIS), we cannot agree with the skeptics… not at all.

The group, which was founded by James Balog in 2007, installed cameras around the Mendenhall Glacier in Juneau, Alaska. They made a time-lapse presentation, which blatantly showcased how vast the amount of glaciers have been lost within eight years. The entire clip shows how the planet we live in can change in a short span of time.

Watch the video here:

EIS is a modern photography program that aims to incorporate art and science to give a “visual voice” to the ecosystems of the world that are undergoing tremendous changes. Through their actions, the group hopes to raise awareness and inspire people more effectively than art or science can do alone.

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Forensic Scientists Reveal The ‘Real Face’ of Jesus Christ

Spoiler alert: he doesn’t look like anything we’ve ever seen.

Renaissance painters often depicted Jesus Christ as this good-looking Caucasian guy who had long brown hair, light complexion, and gentle facial features.

If Dr Richard Neave and his team of forensic experts would be believed, however, it looks like the masters have been wrong all along.

Now a retired medical artist, Dr Neave has worked with forensic scientists as they recreated the face of the Son of God. The team studied Semite skulls and utilized advanced forensic methods.

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Tunnel Constructions These Days Are Both Genius And Intricate.

Ever wonder how tunnels these days are built? Watch this.

In today's age, we are reminded about how much the world has evolved over the years. Infrastructures are being built everywhere, countless innovations are being introduced and an even more advanced technology within our grasp. But as accessible and easy as they seem to be, these things involved hardwork, passion and patience.

How this construction tunnel was intricately and amazingly done is one perfect example. Tunnels provide easier, safer and faster passages and how they have improved and even modernized these days is quite remarkable. The increase in speed and the amount of work done to complete such project is undeniable too. In fact, the video depicts a new system involved in the success of this tunnel construction. With the help of a truck, they were able to produce 1/4 mile of a tunnel in only about 24 hours. How cool is that!

Watch the awesome video below:

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After 20 Years of Research, First Dengue Vaccine Finally Gets Approved

Finally, after years and years of research, Sanofi has created the first approved vaccine against dengue.


Dengue is a vector-borne disease caused by a virus transmitted by mosquitoes. The disease is a major public health concern; according to the World Health Organization, an estimated 40% of the world's population is at risk of acquiring the mosquito-borne diseases. Statistics also show that about 50-100 million infections occur worldwide every year, with 500,000 cases of severe dengue and over 20,000 deaths annually.


Photo credit: Bloomberg

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