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This Work of Nature is Freaking Amazing but at the Same Time Terrifying!





I am not really sure if the mass glacial calving is the cause of climate change. Even scientists have been gathering scientific data that would link it to climate change for so long already.  Each time, there are changes or something happens which is beyond what is ordinary in the environment; we simply correlate it to climate change.  I know some of them are true since they are backed up by data and concrete information.  I am not saying that i don’t believe in climate change.  I know it is real.  In fact, we have already been experiencing some of its negative effects.  And whether we like it or not, it is somehow becoming a part of man’s evolution in the present society.  Unfortunately, based from my readings, the effects of climate change are always negative.

But what if some of these marvelous occurrences are just part of the nature’s true and normal evolution that will take place for a certain period of time.  I guess, we just have to appreciate the marvel and mystery of nature.

Watch the video and you will surely be astonished and at the same time terribly worried!

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Ice calving or glacier calving is the breaking off of chunks of ice at the edge of a glacier. (wikipedia) It does not happen regularly and the effect is not really something that one can easily appreciate.  However, the process and way the nature presents it is astonishingly magnificent.  It is simply beyond words.

A team of documentarians had been fortunate enough to experience firsthand one of the longest glacier calving ever recorded.  Sadly, studies showed that this was a concrete example of the intense effect of climate change.  Upon watching it, i was not really sure if I would really be amazed or horrified with it.  It is already a mixed feeling.

I think we better do something for the preservation of the environment for the next generations to come.

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