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These Men Tried Out Women’s Swimwear, and Now They Know the Struggle





Sure, it’s nice to show off and flaunt your assets in public, but wouldn’t it be nicer to wear anything and still feel proud of your own skin?

This bunch of guys got to try various types of swimwear that usually look great on women but definitely NOT on men –  and their verdict? The most hilarious reactions EVER!

From a bare-it-all two-piece bikini to a more complex strappy monokini down to a vintage touch of a classy one-piece to a more conservative tankini, these men obviously have one thing to say after flaunting their best features—go for comfort over fashion!


two piece man

And what about a monokini?


monokini man

Anybody feeling Madonna with this suit?


red guy

Surprisingly, this tops off the charts of these guys! haha!


black black

Look who’s got the potential to grace the next cover of Vogue!


Move over ladies, they are the world’s next top models!

kiss my ass

Much as this should be the trend, many would rather flaunt the latest trends just to get into the loop of popularity. However, thanks to these men, finally, someone can carry the torch of defenders who believe that women are at their sexiest when not showing everything.

Watch the video:

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Credits: Buzzfeed

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