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Finally, a Smart Urinal For Men That Will Totally Clean Your Dick Hands-Free

Now it’s not just women and those doing a number two who get to experience the wonders of a bidet!

A new high-tech urinal has been invented, ensuring that every man’s johnson is fresh and clean after a leak. The Urinary 2.0 is a smart front bidet that earns its “smart” label due to a few nifty additions.

The Urinary 2.0 is filled with sensors that not only track whether or not you’re still peeing or not, but also the general size of your package, too!

It spritzes your groin with some soapy water and dries it, too!

It spritzes your groin with some soapy water and dries it, too!

So picture this: you’re heading for your usual toilet routine. You unzip and allow your urine to gush forth. While you’re doing this, the smart bidet is already taking note of the stream of your urine and the size of your package. Not for judging purposes, mind you, but for an altogether more important purpose.

Once you’re done with your business, the Urinary 2.0 spritzes a bit of soapy water onto your groin. And get this, it calculates exactly where to spritz and how much to spritz based on the size of your johnson.

Of course, that’s not all. You can’t possibly zip your pants back up with your groin all wet and soapy. This genius mechanism then activates a dryer to ensure that your goods are nice and dry before you tuck it back in your boxers. And get this, this clever bidet will spray cold water during the summer and warm water during the winter. Why? Because you’re worth it, apparently!

The geniuses behind the Urinary 2.0 are Spanish biochemist Eduard Gevorkyan, economist Ivan Giner, and business coach Miguel Angel Levanteri. They’re currently discussing selling the patent to another company for over $750,000, too!

You might be wondering why on earth these three inventors came up with this product. Well, they simply wanted to present a hygienic solution to public restrooms. They wished to create a product that not only cleans, but also prevents passing germs onto hands that touch all sorts of things in the public toilet like faucet handles, flush handles, and door handles (for heathens who don’t wash their hands!).

The Urinary 2.0: Making your public restroom experience one to remember!

The Urinary 2.0: Making your public restroom experience a true pleasure!

Who knows, maybe in the next few years, men can finally get the whole spa-treatment just by taking a leak in a public restroom!


This Duo Designed a Toy to Satisfy All Your Fidgeting Urges

Check out this toy that lets you fidget in the most discreet and satisfying way possible!

Are you a fidgeter?


Whenever you're nervous during, say, a first date, an interview, or just about any social interaction, do you tend to fidget? Perhaps even if you're not nervous, you prefer to tinker with something to be able to focus better? Maybe you're just bored and looking for something to do to keep you awake? Does this lead you to play with your hair or twiddle your thumbs or tap on your desk? If you do, then you'll love this nifty little cube!

Meet the Fidget Cube!


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Jimmy Kimmel’s Hilarious iPhone 7 Prank Proves Some iPhone Users Can Be Really Gullible

They were tricked into thinking it was the new iPhone7 – but it’s actually their own phone. LOL!

With all the buzz surrounding the release of Apple’s iPhone 7, you would think everyone would already know about the device’s features, price, and release date. But no, it appears many people still remain uninformed - including some Apple users themselves!

This has been proven by a hilarious segment called ‘First Look: iPhone 7’ shown recently at Jimmy Kimmel’s late night show. Apparently, some people couldn’t even distinguish their own iPhone and the new iPhone7. To make matters worse, some of them went as far as paying money for the “new” device not knowing they’re using their old phone.

Jimmy Kimmel's crew took people's current iPhone, cleaned it and put it in a different case. They believed it was the new iPhone 7.


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Sad Social Experiment Shows People Stealing Money From A 12-Year-Old ‘Blind’ Kid

Would you take advantage of blind boy or not? You’ll be shocked with what this video reveals!

When done right, social experiments can really be an effective tool to provide deeper insights on human behavior. If you are a frequent visitor of our website, you know we’ve shared numerous videos of social experiments, many of which were quite excellent.

Watching this recent one by Prank Nation, however, has been pretty heartbreaking for us, to say the least.

Bailey, 12, posed as a blind kid for this meaningful social experiment by Prank Nation.


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