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Meghan Markle’s Three Rings Reveal A Deep, Interesting Meaning





Meghan Markle has been in the spotlight since news of her dating British royal Prince Harry broke out but even more so when she got engaged to him recently. Now, all eyes continue to be on her, especially on her choices of jewelry – particularly those three rings spotted on her right hand. What could it mean?

The 36-year-old actress visited Brixton yesterday and photos of her revealed she’s wearing thing gold rings, one each on her right thumb, the index finger and ring finger. Experts in palm reading have shared what those say about her personality.

Meghan Markle has been receiving a lot of attention lately.

Besides being engaged to a prince…

The rings on her finger reportedly revealed a lot about her personality.

She could be a "freshly appointed queen," palm-reading experts revealed.

According to traditional palmistry, which predicts the future of a person by studying his or her hand, wearing a thumb ring symbolizes motivation, control, and aggression.

Citing traditional palmistry DailyMail reported that wearing a thumb ring indicates motivation, control and aggression. People who like to wear thumb rings would be interpreted as “the girl who is the leader of her pack of friends” or the controlling wife who loves to be the master of the house.

At the same time, these are the types of people who enjoy giving others advice. This person could also be a wife who’s forced to deal with an “over-controlling mother-in-law” and just wants to show everyone who’s the boss around the house.

As for the ring on the index finger, a palmist revealed this to be someone who is a “freshly appointed king, queen or CEO” or an ambitious celebrity adored my millions of fans. Meanwhile, the ring on the right ring finger symbolizes “a strong bond or relationship” or “self-love, self-worth or creativity.” The thumb ring and the band on the ring finger were both present on Markle’s right hand. Palmistry suggests a stubborn personality or the “need to be in control of your public life.”

All these personality reading is fitting for one of the lead stars of "Suits…"

Who will soon become a royal.

Maybe Meghan Markle didn’t mean to assert herself as a soon-to-be royal. Perhaps, she just thought it was cute to wear those rings on her finger. But being Prince Harry’s fiancee means she’ll be subject to public scrutiny. That said, it’s only understandable if she wants to take more control of her life.

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