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Embarrassed Mom Rescued by Firemen After Getting STUCK in Child’s Swing





This is the embarrassing moment when a young mother had to be rescued by firemen after she gets stuck in a child’s swing. 23-year-old Megan Kenway-Head got trapped in the seat while she was at the playground of Weston Shore in Southampton, Engalnd with her family.

“Me and my family were enjoying a day out on bank holiday weekend and I decided to take the kids to the park,” the mother-of-two shared. Things, however, took a strange turn when she rode on the swing herself.

Stuck for over ONE hour – until the firemen arrived.

Megan continued:

“When we got there, the children weren’t really interested in being there so I decided to get them in the mood and climbed into a swing. They found it entertaining and sat in the ones next to me and we all started swinging.”

Unexpectedly, she ended up getting trapped in the seat and she realized she needed help.

24-year-old Jordan Sanders, Megan’s partner, tried lifting her out but to no avail. He even asked help from some strangers but that didn’t work either.

She admitted:

“Two fully grown men tried to help me shuffle my body out but I didn’t budge. They even turned me upside down but when that failed, we finally we decided it was probably a good idea to call for help.”

Megan’s children and partner couldn’t help but laugh about her unfortunate experience.

“The kids started laughing,” said Megan. “The day definitely took a funny turn.”

Meanwhile, Jordan captured everything on film and he mercilessly teased Megan while she was being rescued by the firemen.

“We were called to a 23-year-old female released from a child’s swing,” said the Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service.

Fortunately, Megan took it all with a healthy sense of humor. She said:

“When they turned up and saw me stuck they found it amusing. While they were working out how to free me one of them joked about amputating one of me legs. I was mortified but glad to see the funny side of it.

“Using the foot stall I was able to free my bottom from the seat. I’m really thankful to the fire service for rescuing me.

“I have some bruising from it on my legs, but other than that I’m completely fine. I definitely won’t be going on a child’s swing any time soon!”

Watch the video here:

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