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McDonald’s Brows Are The Latest Bizarre Trend To Take Over Instagram





The eyebrows have become the obsession of the decade. From thin lines to nothing at all in the 70s and 80s, women now want to have their brows thick and long that they can groom every now and then. But the beauty trend seems to have fallen behind already as many people start experimenting with weird looks they can make out of their eyebrows.

The eyebrows are having a moment, and many ladies are taking advantage of the madness to popularize their own, crazy brow ideas. After the gory cut-out squiggle brows that came in just in time for the Halloween, we now see Instagram flooded with photos of the McDonald’s brows, and admit it, they’re not as appetizing as the popular food chain’s meals.

The fashionista ladies of Instagram are trying out the new eyebrow trend and it is taken after the famous logo of McDonald’s.

Source: instagram

McDonald’s is certainly one of the popular food chains that are recognized all over the world. Using it though to start a fashion craze might be a very bad idea. But whether we like it or not, women are already wearing the weird McDonald’s brow and photos with different versions of it are already pestering Instagram.

The new trend took off with the Instagram account @hudabeauty before it started to reach the daredevils of IG and created a huge wave. Now, every fashionista on social media are trying to wear their “upgraded” versions of the arched logo of McDonald’s.

Memes of the new brow trend are everywhere and this lady even won some treats from @hudabeauty for her extra effort.

Source: instagram

The fast food fashion is achieved by covering up the original brows using concealer and powder before painting on arches as high as possible until they mirror the iconic logo of McDonald’s. The new look reportedly started as a joke until things got out of hand and became a massive trend when women on IG jumped on the odd trend.

Some ladies are so obsessed with the McDonald’s brow that they even color the arches yellow to make it look like the real fast food logo.

Source: instagram

And to see how brow trends are creating a big influence on Instagram, a user with the most liked McDonald’s brow post wrote:

“(THIS IS NOT EDITED I actually did this) When @ hudabeauty tells you to do something, YOU FKING DO IT. Me and my best friends are literally crying of laughter.
This took me forever my damn brows are invincible they wouldn’t glue down LMAO…”

Scroll down for more versions of this hilarious McDonald’s eyebrow trend that even men and kids are down to do the challenge.


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