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Genius Photographer Shares Ridiculously Easy Trick To Make Your Photos Dreamy





Good photography requires more than having an expensive camera. While owning the right tools can definitely help, the most important factor would always be the skills of the photographer.

Case in point, you may have the fanciest cameras in town but that still wouldn’t be an advantage, unless you know how to use it well. There are certain tricks you have to learn to take your photography to the next level.

Fortunately, we can always learn from experienced shutterbugs. Take wedding photographer Mathias Fast, for instance, who took the time to share a quick, easy hack on how to add reflections to your pictures – without having to use Photoshop or other photo-editing apps.

The result is really lovely and its really a simple trick.

Source: Mathias Fast
You can do it anytime, anywhere – without needing Photoshop or any app.

Source: Mathias Fast
As you can see, it particularly works for wedding photography.

Source: Mathias Fast

In a BoredPanda feature, Mathias shared:

“I’m hardly the first person to use it but ‘discovered’ it for myself at a wedding one day when I was photographing the bride getting ready.”

All you need is a camera and a smartphone.

Source: Mathias Fast

Mathias continued:

“The bridesmaids had their phones lying on the table and I saw the reflections they were creating. I realized that at the right angle and distance I could incorporate the reflection(s) into a photograph while disguising the fact that they were coming from a phone.”

“As you look through the viewfinder you’ll see part of the scene reflecting onto the lower part of the image,” added Mathias.

Source: Mathias Fast

“A phone is almost always in my pocket which is why I find it such a handy tool to use,” the photographer also said.

He continued:

“I try not to overuse it (like with anything it can get gimmicky if used too much) but definitely incorporate it a couple times throughout a wedding or portrait session. Sometimes the effects are subtle, sometimes they are much more dramatic. My goal is always to have the viewer pause for a second and try to figure out what is going on in the image.”

According to the professional photographer, the trick isn’t even exclusive to smartphone screens.

Source: Mathias Fast

“When I’m photographing, my eyes are constantly being drawn to anything remotely reflective that I can use to frame the subject with. Counter-tops, windows – I’ve even used the surface of my watch to bounce some interesting light into a scene,” Mathias pointed out.

Check out Mathias Fast’s wedding output below and see for yourself:


Source: Mathias Fast

Source: Mathias Fast

Source: Mathias Fast

Source: Mathias Fast

Source: Mathias Fast

Source: Mathias Fast

Source: Mathias Fast

To see more of Mathias Fast’ photography, you can go visit his website of follow him on social media via Facebook and Instagram.

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