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7.5 cm Spider with Fangs Dripping Venom, Dropped Off at Australian Hospital

If you’re terrified of spiders, stop reading this.


If you’re terrified of spiders, stop reading this.

A huge funnel web spider measuring 7.5 centimeters was found by a bushwalker, who then dropped off the creature at the John Hunter Hospital in Newcastle, New South Wales. Venom was dripping off the spider’s fangs when the bushwalker found it.

The size alone makes it terrifying to behold…

The size alone makes it terrifying to behold...

Imagine the fangs dripping with venom…

Imagine the fangs dripping with venom...

Nicknamed “Big Boy”, the spider was picked up by the Australian Reptile Park, which plan to use the creature for its venom milking program. The program makes anti-venom to counter deadly spider bites.

The park took custody of Big Boy…

The park took custody of Big Boy...

Liz Vella, head curator of the Australian Reptile Park, says “January and February are the peak times when male funnel-web spiders are out trying to find females to mate and given that only males can be milked we really encourage local communities to hand them into the Australian Reptile Park or to participating hospital drop off centres within this peak season.”

“Funnel-web spiders only live for 12 months so we’re constantly needing to re-stock our males. They’re often found in sheltered, shady spots, which are always cool, humid and often damp.”

“They are a feisty species of spider and can be expected to stand their ground and defend themselves. For that reason we encourage adults to educate children that should they locate a spider of any kind that parental assistance be provided in the capture,” she added.

Funnel web spiders are considered as the world’s deadliest spider and they grow up to approximately three centimeters. They capture prey by creating “dens” below logs and rocks in the wild, preferably in dark spaces. These spaces serve as some sort of alert that lets them know if a potential prey is near.

If you ever encounter a funnel web spider, here’s how to catch it without putting yourself in danger.

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Thief Punches Woman’s Face in Front of Her Kids After She Stops Him From Stealing

A mother gets punched in the face and kicked in the stomach by a thief she stops from stealing. This video has caused quite an outrage in Sweden.

The news just keeps getting crazier by the minute. This is a shocking story that took place in Stockholm, Sweden earlier this month, when a thief punches a mother after she tries to stop him from robbing an elderly woman. This happened earlier in the month at a tube station and was caught by security cameras. The attack has caused quite an outrage in Sweden and the head of the investigation has sworn to catch the thief.

In the video, it clearly shows an elderly woman walking out of Gamla Stan tube station in Central Stockholm, getting her phone out of her bag. While she was answering the call, the thief walks up behind her and tries to steal the wallet out of bag. This is the moment when a mother steps in and foils the attempted theft.

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Heroic Moment Passersby Use a Scarf to Rescue an Ice Skater From Ice Hole

Ice skater falls into very cold thin ice and finds himself saved by several passersby and a red scarf.

As China faces its coldest weather in years, an unnamed man was ice skating in Qinghuangdao, Hebei province when the ice broke under his feet and he fell into ice cold water. The man could not have been in a most inopportune time and place when the unfortunate incident happened.

According to the People’s Daily Online, a policeman by the name of Zhang Wei spotted the man when he was out for a walk with his daughter. Zhang Wei immediately rushed to the unnamed ice skater to help him. As the policeman was trained in first aid, Wei knew what to do and used his daughter’s red scarf to try and keep the ice skater afloat. He threw the scarf over the man and tried to pull him out as he saw that the ice skater was having trouble already trying to keep afloat.

Ice skater falls into thin ice, gets saved using a red scarf.


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Engine Failure Forced Student Pilot to Make an Emergency Landing on a Busy Freeway

A plane having an engine problem landed on a freeway! This is just shocking and terrifying! Will this kind of experience scare you or stop you from travelling?

Sometimes experiencing intense turbulent movements make some passengers scared but what more when you realize something is wrong with the engine of your plane?

Although very terrifying, it’s best not to panic and try to find a solution as quickly as possible in emergency cases like this.

This kind of scenario was experienced by a 27 year old student pilot and his instructor on a normal training day.

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