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Angry Man Creates Homemade Tank, Goes On Rampage To Destroy Entire Town

Pissed off with the system, this guy turned a bulldozer into a tank and started attacking government properties!

What do you usually do when you’re pissed off with the government? Post a rant on Facebook? Well, that’s really cute! This angry guy from Granby, Colorado took it to himself to build a homemade tank and then went on a rampage to destroy government properties.

After years of protests, petitions, and town meetings, Marvin John Heemeyer felt he had fallen victim to corruption within the government. His muffler shop business failed because of shady zoning changes and so he lost the legal dispute.

Welder and mechanic Marvin John Heemeyer thought he lost unfairly in a zoning dispute.

Eventually, he was forced to give up the fight and sell his land.

He, however, devised a final plan to get his revenge – by creating a homemade tank!

Heemeyer locked himself in a secret workshop and equipped his Komatsu D355A bulldozer with 1-foot thick armor plates using a combination of concrete and several sheets of steel to protect the cab, engine, and parts of the tracks.

He equipped his vehicle with several guns…

He also added multiple weapons on his vehicle by installing .50 caliber, .308 caliber, and .22 caliber rifles on different gun ports.

… along with cameras and monitors.

He even installed front and rear cameras to feed images to his dashboard monitors so he can ‘see’ outside of the enclosed war machine.

After a year and a half, the ‘killdozer was finished.

And then he began wreaking havoc!

He attacked the city hall, the police station, and the house of a former mayor, among many others. Local police were called to respond but after over 200 rounds of ammunition and 3 explosives, they realized it was impossible to stop the improvised tank.

Watch how it all happened here:

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As you’ve seen on the video, the rampage eventually came to a halt after the bulldozer’s engine failed and Heemyeer took his own life by a self-inflected gunshot before the authorities were able to arrest him.

Heemeyer documented his process through notes and voice recordings. In one of the tapes, he said:

“Because of your anger, because of your malice, because of your hate, you would not work with me… I am going to sacrifice my life, my miserable future that you gave me, to show you that what you did is wrong.”

On another occasion, Heemeyer wrote:

“I was always willing to be reasonable until I had to be unreasonable. Sometimes reasonable men must do unreasonable things.”

Not that we condone what he did – it was wrong at all points – but this is definitely one of the things that could happen when someone finally loses it and gets tired of the system.


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