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Woman Turns Old Van Into A Home, Travels the World With Her Dog





What are you willing to do just to be fulfill your dreams to travel? Others are willing to give up a full-time work just to pursue their passion, while there are some who would save up big bucks and visit countries they only get to read about.

Meet Marina Piro – a woman who loves to travel.

Source: Pam the Van

In fact, she love it so much that she decided to turn an old van into a home so she can travel the world with her rescue dog, Odie. Marina was born in Italy but now lives in the UK. She restored a 5-door Renault Kangoo which she named Pam after two months of researching on DIY van restorations.

Marina ripped out the interior of a 5-door Renault Kangoo and did everything – even the floor – from scratch.

Source: Pam the Van
She researched about van restorations for 2 months. While her measurements may not be exactly perfect, she’s happy with how it all turned out.

Source: Pam the Van

The van has all the basic necessities of a house – a bed, a kitchenette, some curtains, LED lights and, uhm, some house plants if you can call them that.

The restoration set back Marina roughly $605 for all the materials she used. She didn’t know anything about restoring vans but still continued to work on her project because she loved traveling so much.

Of course, the van has to have curtains too just like any house would.

Source: Pam the Van
Pam the Van has everything you need – a bed, a kitchenette and some cool LED lights to make a comfy home on the road.

Source: Pam the Van

Odie seems to love the whole idea, too. He likes it when he’s outdoors because of the fresh air and he even gets spoiled by Marina every single day. According to her, the reason she came up with the idea of restoring the van and putting up a blog and an Instagram page about it is because she wanted to inspire other women.

“My main aim in the creation of Pamthevan’s blog and Instagram page is to really empower women more than showing how cool my life is.”

If Marina can renovate a van from scratch and travel the world a day at a time, who’s to say that you or me can’t do it too, right?

Odie seems to feel at home, too.

Source: Pam the Van
Marina doesn't know how long they'll be on the road but she says she'll make sure they will enjoy every moment of it.

Source: Pam the Van

Marina, you are truly an inspiration to all of us!

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