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Man Sponsors Girl Through Medical School Who Ends Up Saving His Life 11 Years Later





They say we should share our blessings because when we do, the blessing will be returned tenfold. While many may think that it is just one of those catchy sayings, one man can attest that it is, in fact, true.

One man in China helped a struggling little girl 11 years ago after a massive earthquake hit her family. Now a doctor, she ends up returning the favor by saving his life.

The girl, known as Tam Ling, came from a family of five. Her father was disabled and her mother stricken with illnesses. It was then left to Tam Ling as the eldest in the family to take care of her two younger siblings.

In 2008, a 7.9 magnitude earthquake destroyed Tam Ling’s and her family’s home. It is not known how old was Tam Ling at the time.

They were forced to take shelter at their neighbor’s house as they had no means to afford in rebuilding their home.

A named Zheng Hua met Tam Ling, and she reminded him so much of himself in his younger years. He grew up poor and so he knows what the little girl felt like. He gave her his phone number, telling her to call him after she graduated from high school.

Shortly after the girl’s graduation, her father called Zheng Hua and requested the man mentor Tam Ling. Zheng Hua then recommended Tam Ling to enroll in a medical college and paid her first year of tuition fees. He also financed both Tam Ling’s younger sisters’ education.

Tam Ling eventually became a certified optometrist and found work at a local hospital.

On 19 March 2019, Zheng Hua was admitted to the hospital and diagnosed with a brain aneurysm. Coincidentally, the hospital that he was admitted to was where Tam Ling work.

After learning that Zheng Hua needed to be transferred to the hospital where she worked, Tam Ling arranged everything for him. Since Zheng’s wife was working in a different place, Tam Ling and her husband did everything for him, from admission to his check-ups.

Zheng Hua’s deteriorating condition was treated fast owing to Tam Ling’s help. The story revealed that Zheng Hua’s medical condition was eventually brought under control.

He said:

“11 years ago, I put her through the medical school. Eleven years later, she saved my life! I shared this story because I want to motivate others to spread kindness!”

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