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Man Does A Sing-along Inside His Car On The Highway, How People React? Priceless!





Many of us love to sing, be it in the shower, in karaokes and even in the car during long travels or when you’re stuck in a heavy and stressful traffic. Singing is some sort of a therapy that lightens up the mood and eases even the roughest days.

I can’t forget how happy I was, laughing with my friends while singing and dancing to the tune of ‘Build Me Up Buttercup’ so I can very well understand the people’s reaction to this happy man here.

YouTube sensation TJ Smith is known for belting out songs in his car on the highway or his so-called ‘Highway Sing-alongs.’ Aside from his good looks, his carefree spirit and fun vibes made people admire him even more. Singing his most popular hit and sing-along ‘Build Me Up Buttercup,’ this video is so entertaining and fun that some people can’t even help but join him in singing while others wave and smile. If you’re having a bad day, some singing and a help from this guy can really perk you up.

Watch this fun video:

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Visit TJ Smith’s channel on Youtube for more Highway Singalongs! You can even recommend songs for him to sing. I know this made you smile and sing just like I did. Don’t forget to hit like or share.

Credits: TJ Smith

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