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Woman Splits Up With 300-Year-Old Pirate Ghost Husband

You wouldn’t believe the reason for their breakup!


“Pirates of the Caribbean” fanatic Amanda Teague, an Irish woman and Jack Sparrow impersonator, raised a lot of eyebrows when she married a 300-year-old pirate ghost named Jack on a boat sailing the Irish Coast back in 2018. Things were looking up for the couple as Amanda even talked about their intimate moments.

But not even a year later, the 46-year-old is stating the marriage is already over. Amanda then took to social media to share that she will explain everything when the time is right.

Amanda wrote:

“So, I feel it’s time to let everyone know that my marriage is over. I will explain all in due course, but for now, all I want to say is be VERY careful when dabbling in spirituality, it’s not something to mess with.”

The mom-of-five recently explained that she had met her “perfect partner” back in 2014 when she was lying in her bed and he suddenly showed up beside her. She said that the Jack described himself to her as “dark-skinned and has jet-black hair.” 

Amanda then told the ghost she she’s not into casual se x with a spirit, and would want to have a commitment. Also, she wanted a grand wedding celebration wearing a white gown saying it was “very important” for her.

Amanda said she had never felt a connection to anyone like the one she had with the ghost, who was left at the altar in his earlier life. Now, in her first interview since the announcement, Amanda revealed what prompted the split.

“I wish I never got married to him,” she confessed, further sharing that Jack turned their “beautiful and loving relationship” to something really horrible.

After marrying Jack, Amanda claimed that she began having health issues, She felt that he was “stealing or draining” the energy from her and using her for his own intentions. Now that the marriage is done and over with, she is considering an exorcism.


Don’t Miss The ‘Super Snow Moon,’ The Biggest And Brightest Supermoon Of 2019!

Get ready, folks… A Super Snow Moon is on its way, and it should not be missed!

Stargazers will enjoy a stunning sight as a rare “super snow moon” is set to appear in the night sky. It's the second of three supermoons to light up the skies this year, following the Super Blood Wolf Moon that took place on January 21.

The full moons in February are called “snow moons.” But the upcoming supermoon will be known as the “super snow moon.” The super snow moon will appear on Tuesday, February 19 and will be the largest and brightest full moon of 2019.

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Exhausted New Mom Pens Hilarious Poem At 4 AM While Husband Is Sound Asleep

“You’re gesturing for food… Daddy is snoring away, the way he knows best.”

Any new parent knows that caring for an infant can be exhausting during the first few months. One truly exhausted mom decided to write a hilarious poem at 4:00 AM while her husband was soundly asleep. Not surprisingly, people are loving it because it perfectly explains what mothers go through every night with their baby.

Caroline Olling Andersen is a new mom who has been taking care of her daughter's nighttime routines. The young mother admits that she and her husband agreed that she would take the night shift. However, Caroline still deals with some frustrations as her man continues to sleep while she does her job. At one point, Caroline decided to write a 4:00 AM poem titled "Daddy's Asleep" and it's so perfect, it's hilarious.

Caroline wrote the poem on a particularly frustrating night caring for her baby.

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Woman Shares Online Shopping Fail And The Internet Can’t Stop Laughing

“According to the sizing chart, I would fit this dress well. I didn’t.”

The challenging thing about online shopping is that buyers do not have the luxury of inspecting products upclose until they've made the purchase. One woman from Napier, New Zealand learned this the hard way despite her best efforts to ensure that she gets the best out of the deal.

Shopper Michaela Smith saw a nice dress being sold online and so she wanted to buy it. The blue and white dress had a retro vibe and had pink flamingos for its design.

To make sure that she gets the right size, she measured herself twice before placing the order. She was sure she's a 4XL. Much to her dismay, what eventually arrived was not only smaller, a 3XL, but the dress also obviously looked a bit different from what she expected.

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