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Man Rescues Dog After He Hears A Barking Sound Underneath The Sidewalk

A poor dog was buried alive and left to die underneath a bricked sidewalk.

A dog in Russia just got rescued after a man heard barking sounds from underneath a sidewalk. Imagine the horror the dog went through after it was buried alive!

It was two days right after a big sinkhole was repaired and the sidewalk was redone. Vadim Rustam and his family heard barking sounds when they climbed the steps of a building. After they heard the dog, they immediately reported to the local housing office only to be denied as the local housing office claimed that they did not do the project.

Vadim and his family then got some tools and went back to rescue the dog. Vadim removed the bricks and sand until he discovered a large rock that was blocking the dog’s way. They assumed the workers bricked up the dog and buried it with sand to cover it up and left to die!

What was more terrifying, aside from the thought of the dog being buried alive without any food or water for two days, was that the poor dog was also pregnant!

Watch Vadim rescue the dog here:

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It is still unclear as to how or why the dog was buried alive or who the culprit was. However, one thing’s for sure: aside from the fact the Vadim is now a local hero, the pregnant dog is now under the care of a local rescue group in Voronezh, Russia.

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Video Shows Caring Dog Tucking His Humans’ Newborn Baby

This is just so cute!


Dogs and babies together are so cute to watch. A quick search on the internet will yield countless adorable photos and videos of dogs and babies cuddling and playing together. Although some worry that big and mean-looking dogs might pose a danger to such small and delicate infants, there have been many documented evidences of dogs being more caring and fiercely protective of babies. Like this video of a newborn infant being introduced by his parents to their dog.

After arriving home from the hospital, the parents introduced their bundle of joy to their furry friend. Already feeling a connection with the tiny little thing lying on the couch, the dog slowly approached the baby.

Watch their cute and heartwarming first meeting in the video below:


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Netherlands Officially Bans Wild Animals On Circus Shows

Because animals shouldn’t be mere sources of entertainment.

I remember I was in the third grade when my mom first took me to a circus. I was so happy and so wide-eyed the entire time as I watched acrobats and magicians perform right before my eyes. It was, needless to say, an experience that made the world a little more magical - at least for me.

Eventually, the circus animals came out to take their turn entertaining the audience and man! I was at the edge of my seat. Their tricks were mind-blowing and it was pretty fascinating to watch them obey every word of their master.

It was, however later on in my life as an adult that I realized there was absolutely nothing to admire about seeing animals in circus shows. Sure, they’re incredibly talented but the sad truth about them is that they are often cramped and locked in uncomfortable cages while traveling extensively. Also, most of these creatures undergo stressful training and are sometimes abused by their trainers. It’s absolutely heartbreaking to consider. ...

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Retiree Makes A Dog Train To Take Rescued Dogs On Fun Trips

This guy decided to spend his retirement years as a train conductor for rescued dogs.


An 80-year-old retiree in Fort Worth, Texas decided to spend his golden years as a train conductor for rescued dogs.

Eugene Bostick and his brother Corky live on a street dead-end where they run a horse barn. Many locals come by and leave their unwanted dogs there.

Not wanting to leave the poor abandoned dogs starving, Eugene decided to adopt them....

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