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After 3 Years of Searching, Man Finally Finds Lost Wedding Ring – In A Carrot From His Garden

His late wife always told him he’d eventually find the ring. She was right!

After a marriage ceremony is performed, it has become a tradition for many couples across the world to wear their wedding rings on the fourth finger. These rings symbolize the couple’s eternal love for each other.

With that in mind, you can just imagine how devastated this 82-year-old man was when he realized his precious wedding ring was missing.

Three years ago, this old man from Germany lost his wedding ring and thought he’d never find it again. He was, however, pleasantly surprised when he finally found it in the most unexpected place.

After 3 years of searching, an 82-year-old man from Germany finally found his lost wedding ring – stuck in a carrot in his garden.


While he was working on his garden in Bad Müenstereifel, he was shocked when he found his wedding ring stuck in one of the carrots. The vegetable has grown enough so the man eventually saw it and claimed his ring again.

According to the man, his late wife always assured him that he would find the lost ring again.

The man said his late wife always told him he’d eventually find the ring. She was right!


We can all just assume how happy the old man was for finally finding the wedding ring, especially now that his wife has already passed away. We are sure he’d treasure it more and that he’ll do his best never to lose it again. It’s his last remembrance from his departed better half, after all.


Man Gets His Balls Whacked with a Sledgehammer to Set a World Record

Goodbye future descendants.


Some people will do anything to get their 15 minutes of fame.

Like this man from India who had someone use a sledgehammer on his testicles.


Amandeep Singh is a stuntman who is looking to have his name on the Guinness Book of World Records.

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Guy Filming Seagulls Captures an Amazing Once-in-a-Lifetime Event Instead

Needless to say, he and his friends had a whale of a time!


A man out on his boat with his buddies received a stunning view-of-a-lifetime when something unexpected happened on the water.

Brad Rich and some of his friends were sailing off the coast of Seward in Alaska.

Their mission: to film seagulls native to the area.


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25 Stunning Photos of Huge Crowds of People

Whenever we think of a huge crowd, we often think of the chaos, the mess, and the noise. But these photos show that there can be beauty in chaos.

With the world's huge population (7,313,527,932, to be exact), forming a huge crowd isn't all that hard. In cities with a high population density, you'd see a huge crowd every day during rush hour or when there's a sale at a mall. In other cases, you might encounter a huge crowd when there's an important event happening like a major exam or an attempt at a Guinness record.

Majority of the pictures of huge crowds below are the latter but there are also a couple of crowd photos that, even if there's not a lot of order, there is still beauty to be found.

1. 15,000 campers from around the world set up tents at the 2013 International Camping Festival in Mount Wugongshan, Pingxiang, China.


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